Graham Cracker Christmas House

Tuesday, December 12, 2017
This is a great project for the kids to make at Christmas. I just love the ease of using Graham crackers to make this adorable little house. Please watch the video first to see the pieces and how they fit like a puzzle to make the instructions easier.

adorable little houses kids can make their own individual personalized

Antonio is 3 years old and got to make his first graham cracker house with Grandma. I just love the memories this instills in a child. I did this with my nieces over 40 years ago now. What a blessing to still be here to do it with my grandchildren.

Antonio is very proud of his house for his first time and I couldn't be more proud! Great job Antonio!!!


  • Ingredients:
    Powdered sugar
    2 packs graham crackers sleeves ( I use cinnamon crackers, I love the aroma!
    Assorted candy
    *NOTE: I found most at a local dollar store. Look for small candies that are red and green. I used small chocolate rolls for the log cabin effect. Red and green chocolate covered nuts, candy canes, chocolate bars cut for doors and windows, red hots

    Cookies can be used for a wreath, red hot candies, gum drops, jelly beans look like Christmas lights. Get creative! Add the sheet of wax paper to your cutting board surface so it will be easier to lift off later on top of full crackers for your foundation. First you will need two full graham crackers and check out the video to see the cuts at a 45 degree angle to make a pitch , for the front and back. You will have two crackers with a pointed top for each side. Break one full cracker in half. Those will be the sides.

    For the roof, cut 1 inch off each whole cracker at the top ( you need 2). You are ready to assemble.


  1. In a medium bowl add around 3 cups of powdered sugar. Add hot water by the teaspoon to make a very very thick paste, so thick you can roll a ball with it.

    Take the glue and start smearing it on to assemble the house gluing the sides together all four pieces, waiting 3 to 4 minutes in between to add another piece. Then wait at least 10 minutes to dry before adding the roof last. I usually let it dry around 2 hours before adding any candy. To keep the glue from drying out add a wet towel over the bowl.

    Once the house is assembled, I place 4 or more whole graham crackers on the surface of whatever platform I use with a little frosting glue on the bottom, then the crackers to hold in place Add the house on top and start decorating. Use frosting in between and cracks or fill it in wherever you want it to look like snow.

    Let it dry, if things slide make sure the frosting is thick and just move it back in place and hold it a few minutes to adhere. You are welcome to make royal icing which has egg whites in it, but I am not of fan of it so I just use a little water and powdered sugar.

    Tips: cut on the diagonal with a serated knife with a sawing motion using a cutting board. Make sure you have wax paper on the bottom of whatever platform you use and don't forget to adhere that with frosting glue so it doesn't move. Be patient to let dry a few minutes in between gluing each piece.
    Enjoy making memories with your little ones out there!
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  1. Such fun memories you are creating for Antonio!! You're the best grandma!!!

  2. Great fun for kiddos with this. Thanks!


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