Margaret Ann Fanelli Colenzo's Cream Puffs Vintage Recipe

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Margaret Ann Fanelli Colenzo and Carmen...her famous recipe.

This one's for you mom, thanks for leaving yet another wonderful memory and recipe to share.....

Mom had a business at one time in the early 1950's, this was a favorite by all who patronized back then. I thank her for the memories and being able to share her wonderful recipes.....this one's for you mom....hope your watching out there....Here, forever in our hearts!

cream puffs are a puffed pastry dessert filled with cream

Mom was a great baker! She made everything seem so simple. No real recipe written down, just threw all the ingredients in, mixed it and viola it came out perfect every time!
I get lucky now and then and make things without following a recipe but not like her she was a real inventor of everything from scratch cooking when it came to new or old recipes and she never measured anything!

I love these cream puffs of hers. I watched her make them many times. I realized after many failed attempts that beating the batter is the key to the success of the perfect cream puff. Make sure its thick and well combined. Cool completely after baking and then fill and enjoy!

my mom and dad in front of a brick building very happy couple and both were great chefs

cream puffs filled with whipped cream

Eclair or Cream Puff filling,
Follow recipe exactly:

1 cup water
1 stick butter
1 cup flour
4 eggs

Beat eggs in bowl set aside. Measure 1 cup flour and set aside.
In a heavy non stick saucepan, pour 1 cup water and a stick of butter (not margarine) and bring to a boil on medium heat, leave on heat and add flour stirring quickly with a wooden spoon until flour is dissolved and comes together.

Remove from heat, add eggs and beat very rapidly with the wooden spoon until a ball of dough if formed...Note its very important to beat this fast.
Spoon one tablespoon of dough or teaspoon for small puffs on an ungreased cookie sheet or on parchment paper. Shape into logs for eclairs or round for cream puffs. For Fancier puffs, use a cookie star tip and pastry bag to make a round swirl effect.
cream puffs baking

Bake on 400 for 1/2 hour, do not open oven or puffs will not cook correctly. When browned remove from oven, cool completely, cut in half to fill.
You can fill with puffs whipped cream, vanilla pastry pudding. Eclairs also will have chocolate frosting on top filled with vanilla pudding.
Note: If you want to use this dough for a dinner party sandwich, fill puffs with egg salad, tuna salad or chicken salad.


  1. never had those before and they look so GOOD!! will have to list this in my favorites. thanks for sharing.

  2. This looks delicious!! Do you have a favorite recipe for the filling you could share?

  3. Love cream puffs, I was thinking to make some this week. Beside how can we go wrong with a family recipe. Thanks!

  4. my aunt makes my favorite cream puff, so I am totally feeling the vibe of family connected to this decadent yet light pastry. Your fam's version looks to tempting to resist1

  5. Nice and delicious ! Thank you for sharing. Cheers !

  6. Oh, I love the old photo. The recipe looks good too but I'm a huge fan of old photos, family history and such!

  7. Claudia, this is the classic pate au choux recipe, or what we call choux paste! Wonderful!

    Bon appetit!

  8. It's been years since I've had a cream puff. About how many small puffs does this recipe yield? N

  9. Oh my...delightful, love cream puffs and these look amazing:)

  10. I tried so many recipes and I think I will try yours or you moms too. Looks amazing and delicious! Thanks you so much for sharing!


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