Chicken Wing Recipe Showcase

Wednesday, January 6, 2016
Here are 24 chicken wings recipes to kick off that Game Day Spectacular Wing Showcase These are a must-try.

If you haven't visited my chicken wing dipping sauce post do so, those dipping sauces have several uses for more than just wings.

Also, how to cut wings and save money is a great way to make lots of wings economically.

These chicken wings and the sauces on them are all delicious and addicting and my baked chicken wing recipe or my beer baked chicken legs are also a fantastic change over wings, as well!

Chicken wings with sauce 24 different ways. Hot sauce and all kinds of dipping sauces

Chicken wings fried, baked, grills with 24 different sauces to dip them in

The build-up, the excitement on game day for your favorite team making it to the finish of the season or even better win!  There is something for everyone here with 24 kinds of wings and sauces. This is a true wing spectacular.

Whether your a fan of professional, college or your own loved high school teams, its fun to root for your family, friends, and admired professional stars.

It becomes an addiction for the love of your team. Hockey, football, baseball, soccer, basketball, track and field athletics, volleyball, pool, bowling, swim,

motor car racing, boxing or numerous other sporting competitions, we are there to win!

We all love to get together to partake in food and drink. It's all part of the fun on game day, so let's get your game on!

It's just in time for Superbowl! I am featuring 24 special wing sauces. Grilled wings, baked or fried, there's something for everyone!

We are wing and sports fanatics here. In the past year we have actually experimented and adapted many sauces for our favorite past time to our taste.

My son has been a wonderful inspiration in the kitchen helping me create new ways to enhance flavors with these sauces.

For us Sunday is game day, but any day can be sports day!

I wish all of you and your teams great success in 2011 Enjoy your kick-off party with inspiration to try some new flavored sauces and cook up some delicious wings and get your game on!

First up, a super variety that hits your wings out of the ballpark ( no pun intended ).

Here's the lineup: (this is getting old huh?) Remember all highlighted foods are direct links to the recipes!

We start out with our table of wings fried, grilled or baked. First marinated before grilling, coated before baking and naked fried.

It's your preference for how you want to prepare them for your game day. We do a variety of all three!

My family posing for the gameday photo with our chicken wing showcase of 24 kinds of wings

Other Wings Favorite Cooking Methods

  • Baked: bake at 400 degrees on oil sprayed baking sheet until golden brown turning once
  • Air Fried: set the air frier on 425 degrees for 25 minutes using an oil sprayed basket
  • Broiled: set the broiler on medium-high heat, place on oil sprayed broiler pan for 40 minutes turning often
  • Grilled: Heat the grill on medium heat, oil spray the grates first before heating then add wings and grill until charred around 25 minutes turning once
  • Pan-Fried: using a deep chicken fryer heat 2 inches of oil and fry the wings until browned on both sides and crispy
  • Slow Cooker: brown wings on the stovetop first then add to the slow cooker adding 1/2 cup beer to the sauce of choice, set on high for 6 hours.
  • Smoked: Heat the smoker to 275 using pecan or applewood chips, place the wings in a foil pan. Smoke them for 3 hours at 275 degrees,
  • Deep-Fried: Heat the deep fryer to 425 degrees, spray the basket with oil cooking spray and deep fry do not crowd wings this takes around 15 minutes per batch.

Note: We love them smoked, grilled or baked, or air fried, you can deep fry if you prefer your wings that way.

Grilled wings on the grilling grate cooking over a hot fired grilled with seasoning after marinated

Grilled Wings

This is a basket from a chicken fryer with wings that have been marinated then deep fried

Deep Fried Chicken Wings

These are baked wings on parchment paper coated in lemon garlic and there are four other flavors Marsala, parmesan, butter flavored, herb flavored wings

Baked Chicken Wings

Lemon Garlic Wings

Four Flavored Baked Chicken Wing Recipes

Grilled Wings with Cajun Sauce over them on a white plate ready for a wing feast

Grilled Cajun Style Wings

These are fried chicken wings with and Italian Marsala Wine sauce over them

Chicken Wings Marsala

These are greek sauce style baked first then added the greek sauce. Then chicken wings placed on a white plate part of a wing feast of fried chicken wings

Greek Sauce for Chicken Wings

Baked Wing Recipe

These chicken wings have a golden sauce over the top to soak them in a tangy  dipping sauce

Traditional Buffalo Sauce Recipe

Tangy Gold Roasted Sauce Wings

These chicken wings have a Mexican Sauce over the top with cilantro for this Chicken recipe showcase feast

Mexican Salsa Chicken Wings

Chili Lime Sauce Chicken Wings are coated with a tangy lime sauce

Chili Lime Sauce Chicken Wings

These  chicken wings are coated in Herbs with garlic parmesan sauce

Italian Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings

These are baked chicken wings with herbs and spices healthier chicken wings for a healthy diet

Italian Baked Chicken Wings

These baked chicken wings have an Asian Apricot Sauce on top and fried noodles

Baked Asian Style Chicken Wings with Apricot Sauce

These are baked chicken wings or fried wings with Peanut sauce and Asian style chicken wing

Asian Peanut Sauce Chicken Wings

Lemon Garlic Chicken Wings fried or baked with a lemon and garlic herb coating sauce over the top

Italian Lemon Garlic Herb Wings

Grilled Chicken Wing Recipe

Bourbon Sauce for wings

Homemade Italian Seasoned French Fries. Just cut your potatoes thick or thin the way you like them (I am sure you have innovations on your food processors, but I do hand cuts the old fashioned way for sentimental reasons) Just deep fry in hot oil till brown, sprinkle with seasoned salt or kosher salt, the perfect side for game day!

Chicken Wing Recipe Showcase Pin for later

these are hot wings with sauce on them fried

Click on any one of these below for the recipes pick your favorite wonderful dipping sauces as listed below:

Mixing the sauce on the chicken wings

You can choose to coat your wings with one of these sauces, after using one of the cooking methods above.

Note: Dipping sauces that are very thick will not be a good coating for your wings and you should use separately for dipping your wings or garnishing.

We always need a dessert for that after the game victory or loss, this is the perfect happy ending!

You can choose to coat your wings with one of these sauces, after using one of the methods above. Note: Dipping sauces that are very thick will not be a good coating for your wings and you should use separately for dipping your wings or garnishing.

Don't Forget to visit How to Cut Wings easily!


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