Raspberry Coconut Cream Tart

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This was a year that Easter fell right around my birthday.

I think of coconut treats when I think of Easter.

Growing up dad love raspberry jam cupcakes with coconut on top. They also became my favorite!

I wanted something special for my birthday and two of my favorite flavors, raspberry and coconut cream.

They're both in this decadent tart. What better way to celebrate my birthday than with memories of Dad and new beginnings?

This is a homemade tart shell with coconut cream filling and a triple berry sauce

Good Memories

I still reminisce about those delicious white cupcakes mom would make for dad.

The raspberry seeded jam on top and coconut were such a great combination.

When I started out making this tart, all I could think about is how much dad would have loved this tart.

I have continued to celebrate my life because of him and cherish those memories made through the years.

This put a tear in my eye and a smile on my face, thinking of him.

coconut cream filling to go into a tart shell with  triple berry sauce


As a little girl like most, I idolized my dad.

As I grew up knowing things he liked I tried very hard to duplicate and reinvent new recipes that he would like.

Even though he has been gone since 1995, I still continue to do that in his memory.

With that being said, I will celebrate life with this decadent tart and until we meet again Dad is smiling down on me I am sure of it.

It's so hard to lose parents, especially when you are close and they're your best friend.

I miss them both every day.

A slice of coconut cream raspberry sauce cream tart

Easy Recipe

There are two ways to make this whether you're a baker or not.

Mine is all homemade, but you can make this semi-homemade, you can still experience the great flavors.

Using a store-bought pie shell, boxed coconut pudding, and bottled berry, this pie can be recreated with little ease.

Of course, homemade is always better, but sometimes you can be in such a hurry, the alternative is also delicious.

homemade tart shell for coconut cream filling and raspberry sauce

Ingredients You Will Need!

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This is a homemade tart shell with coconut cream filling and a triple berry sauce

Decorating Ideas

This delicious raspberry coconut cream tart can be decorated to any holiday theme.

Just add some peeps on tops, chicks, and chocolate Easter eggs and its the perfect Easter pie.

You can even tint the coconut green!

For Christmas, leave it white coconut to look like snow and add cherries on top and green leaves or red and green coated chocolate candies to make a poinsettia.

For the 4th of July, you will need to add some fresh whole strawberries or raspberries on top with a few blueberries

Get creative this pie will always be a hit all dressed up for the holiday!

coconut cream raspberry tart, tart, pie, desserts, coconut cream, Easter
pie, tart, dessert
Yield: 8

Raspberry Coconut Cream Tart

prep time: 15 Mcook time: 25 Mtotal time: 40 M
This dessert can be made quickly with store bought ingredients or you can make it all from scratch. Coconut cream raspberry tart is a creamy decadent pie that everyone raves about!


  • 1 tart shell baked or store bought
  • 1 coconut cream pie filling recipe or make store bought
  • 1/2 triple berry ice cream topping or use my recipe below
  • Whipped cream homemade or use whipped topping
  • 1/2 cup toasted coconut ( see directions under coconut cream pie filling recipe above)
  • 1 shot Chambord (optional)
  • regular sweetened coconut for garnish


  1. In a cooled homemade or premade and cooked tart shell, brush with Chambord. 
  2. Spread with the triple berry sauce to the bottom crust. 
  3. Top with coconut cream pudding, sprinkled with toasted coconut. 
  4. Top with whipped topping or real whipped cream. Garnish with mounds of white sweet coconut.
  5. In this picture of the slice, you will see some jelly beans on top, it was one of our Easter desserts...
  6. Triple Berry Sauce Recipe:
  7. 1 cup raspberries
  8. 1 cup blackberries
  9. 1 cup blueberries
  10. pinch of cinnamon
  11. 1/2 cup sugar add more or less to taste
  12. Pulse all ingredients in a blender or food processor, for just a few seconds, allow some chunks to remain. 
  13. This sauce can be used for many purposes, pancakes, waffles, ice cream, cakes.
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This is a homemade tart shell with coconut cream filling and a triple berry sauce


  1. Happy birthday dear, I wish you all the best. This cake is absolitely amazing, a very tasty birthday present. Well done ^__^ Bye bye, good celebration

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, Claudia darling! May all your wishes ome true & wishing you many happy returns. Have fun! Btw, your pie looks incredibly luscious.
    Blessings, Kristy.

  3. Definite YUM here Claudia! Looks great and Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Tart to you! Another lovely dessert Claudia, we love coconut, I am hoping to make this one soon!

  5. Happy birthday and what a lovely tart to celebrate with! Great looking berries. (The chambourd is not optional!)

  6. Hope you had a fabulous birthday. That tart looks wicked!

  7. Great tart for a great occasion! Happy B-day!

  8. Happy Birthday to wonderful you! Triple berries excite me. Nothing sings spring like a dessert filled with berries - a brithday-celebratory dessert!

  9. Happy Birthay! The tart looks delicious!

  10. Happy birthday to you . This tart looks awesome. love anything with coconut my weakness.

  11. Happy birthday to you . This tart looks awesome. love anything with coconut my weakness.

  12. Happy Birthday! This tart looks stunning.... my kind of food!

  13. Happy Birthday!! I'm always amazed at the speed with which you churn out all these incredible recipes .. but I hope that for at least one day someone else did the cooking for you. Have a lovely day.


    Hope it is the best ever and that you were treated like royalty by everyone. Your tart is fantastic; too die for with the coconut and raspberry flavors. Yum!

  15. Happy Birthday! Boy, does this tart look fantastic!

  16. Happy Birthday Sweety.. Sorry belated.. hope u had a blast.. Pie look like a treat..

  17. This looks very good, its making me hungry!

  18. Yummy yummy Claudia, what a treat!

  19. Hope you had a wonderful birthday :) the tart looks divine and so yummy!

  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! What a treat!

  21. Such a delectable treat! I hope you had wonderfully blessed birthday!


    What a fabulous birthday tart you made. I looks and sounds incredibly delicious, and oh, so pretty!

  23. A perfectly decadent tart to celebrate with! love the luscious coconut cream and the berry sauce, so yummy!

  24. Raspberry and coconut together - what a perfect treat and combination. Happy Birthday - hope you enjoy your special day.

  25. Oooh I love coconut cream anything... I love the addition of raspberries in here too!

  26. Happy belated birthday! this tart looks fantastic :D

  27. Happy Birthday. Claudia!

    This tart is a perfect for your birthday celebration, raspberries, coconut and Chambord. Soo good!

  28. Happy Birthday!

    Lovely tart....definitely makes a celebration.

  29. Happy Birthday beauty! What a glorious tart...I know it brought you joy and may all of your wishes come true :)

  30. This is absolutely beautiful, my taste buds are dancing.
    I love your blog and recipes ,I have all ingredients in my home now ,will try this and come back to you...keep blogging.

  31. Happy Birthday a few days late, Claudia . . . I've been away from commenting and reading blogs for a few weeks now. What a creamy, dreamy, yummy cream tart. Raspberry, being my favorite berry tops it all off!

  32. I missed this delicious tart! It looks fabulous...perfect birthday treat~

  33. This raspberry and coconut cream tart is amazing and scrumptious! Love everything with coconut :)

  34. My dad loves raspberry too! And we all love raspberry and coconut. So this tart is perfect!

  35. I've always had a strong love for banana + coconut pie, and though I've never seen raspberry with coconut in a pie, I am loving the idea. I love raspberries, so I need to try this.

  36. Oh how I like this one RASPBERRY COCONUT CREAM TART! This is the perfect recipe for big and important events! I definitely want to try it. Thanks for the great recipe.

  37. What a lovely combination of flavors! I'm such a big raspberry fan!! <3


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