Edible Sugar Cone Christmas Tree Tutorial Video

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
I have made these for years when my nieces Alicia, Mary and Pamela were babies, now all grown with their own families. Then I went on to have my own my kids and they saw me make these every year for our candy house for the Holiday and tradition I started. Now I look forward to my future grandson who will be born next year, to carry on this same fun tradition I have made for more years than I care to type!

I made these trees to top and decorate cakes, used them for Christmas candy villages and the best part was they got to eat them on every Christmas eve with the candy house. These Christmas trees can be used to decorate the top of sheet cakes to make a more festive look. Making a village scene on a cake with the Christmas tree in the center was always my favorite cake to bring to a party, it also was admired every time I did bring one. Also you can use these to decorate around a gingerbread candy house and make a forest of covered snow trees. These are quick, easy fun to make and they actually taste good too! Kids and the young at heart will love to help make them. Just watch the video below and lets get started on our festive snowy Christmas trees!

Here all you need to get started:

Canned frosting

Powdered sugar

Sugar ice cream cones

Candy decorations (sprinkles, colored sugar, decorating colored gems, marzipan if you want to cut out a star for the tops) get creative!

green food coloring

Star tip

Pastry bag either parchment paper or reusable bag

Make sure you add powdered sugar to the frosting until its very thick and not runny at all. Add a drop of green food coloring to the frosting.

Starting from the bottom of the cone pipe stars by pulling away (to make longer threads which are the branches) all along the bottom and work your way up until the entire cone is covered and no more cone is showing. Star tip the top. Sprinkle with powdered sugar, decorate with colored sprinkles or whatever you like. Dry for at least over night or 4 hours on wax paper. You can always fix them by keeping some spare frosting if you crush any of the branches. Don't worry it will still come out perfect!

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