Doll Cakes

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Doll cakes are such fun for any party or event and easier than you think! I love cake decorating and this food art was the perfect creative idea. With Halloween and Breast Cancer awareness month, I needed to make something special with my family nieces and nephews in New York. I decided to visit my family this year in October which was perfect for this project. We make special food art every time I visit. These doll cakes looked over the top special for the girls and then Halloween for the boys. We always do a creative cooking project of some kind the make great memories. Something they would be able to pass on to their children someday. I love making great memories in the kitchen that will be etched in their minds for years to come when they think of Aunt Caca, that was my nickname! Thank you Kelli Kitchen for letting our family get together using your easy techniques we loved the project and it was so perfect for the girls to do this!

this is a doll cake with the Halloween theme of a witch in purple

A Bitter Sweet Get Together

I have two nieces that have undergone Cancer surgery Alicia having thyroid cancer and Pamela Ward with breast cancer, both are mom's and this was so hard to here that news.

Samantha, who helped me make the breast cancer awareness cake, is Pamela's daughter who has breast cancer. She made this cake to support her mother who has breast cancer for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Her mom Pamela will undergo a radical mastectomy due to this terrible disease. Pam's sister, Alicia, Ryan is her son, she also has thyroid cancer and the girls and guys are helping make cakes to support the cause for both diagnosed with cancer.

this is a doll cake with the Halloween theme  or the breast cancer awareness pink frosting doll

These Cakes Make A Great Donation for A Good Cause

These cakes makes a wonderful giveaway for benefits for cancer awareness.

My two great nieces in the front Samantha and Adriana had a fun time making the cakes together and this was a great family project.

Adriana, (my niece Mary's daughter) did the purple and black witch for Halloween.

this is a doll cake with the Halloween theme of a witch in purple

Easy to Make

These cakes are so easy to make you won't believe it.

The cakes are molded with a 4 cup Pyrex measuring oven proof glass cup!

this is a doll cake with the Halloween theme  or the breast cancer awareness pink frosting doll


My sister in law, (my nieces mom) kept a positive attitude during this tough diagnosis.

She was there every step of the way to help her daughters and her love and support was what gave them strength to fight and get through the roughest days they both faced.

Family is everything.

Both girls and five years later are cancer free!

this is a doll cake with the Halloween theme  or the breast cancer awareness pink frosting doll

Perfect for Fund Raisers!

Raffle off your cakes to raise money for Breast Cancer awareness.

We had many fund raiser project and the people were very generous, this would be perfect for Breast Cancer awareness.

this is a doll cake with the Halloween theme  or the breast cancer awareness pink frosting doll

Celebrating Family Time and Praying for a Cure to this dreadful disease

Just about every family faces this dreadful disease.

We had never experienced this in ours before and this was something we all came together to support them.

I pray for a cure everyday.

Samantha was so proud of her creation!

Her mom Pam was so proud to see how her Breast Cancer awareness came out, it was hard to cut and eat it.

This was such a pretty creation.


Vinny, used the legs to make a Halloween cake!

Adriana made the Halloween Witch Cake

They did great helping me out getting these cakes together, they are easier to make than they look!

Making Memories

I had a blast making such fun memories with Samantha and Adriana

This made my trip complete love you all so happy we got to bake together with the kids!

Doll Cakes, cake be used for birthdays, events, showers, parties of any kind and the best giveaway at benefits.

Samantha and her creations breast cancer awareness!

I love how creative this project made the family, we all had such a great time together.

I hope someday they pass this little project on to make with their families.

Best Memories

My son Chad Iffert next to her he was thrilled to be home with the family and my niece Mary Colenzo Guarascio who rolled out those pumpkin heads using rice krispie treats and tootsie rolls.

My niece Pamela Colenzo Ward is in the back left this is her home we did the project in and she cooked a great dinner for us all making rigatoni alfredo which was awesome.

Doll Cakes Pin for Later

this is a doll cake with the Halloween theme  or the breast cancer awareness pink frosting doll and the other is made purple and black for Halloween as a witch

Family Time

Ryan my great nephew got me safely to this great family event from the airport, thanks Ryan!

Everyone had something to contribute in making our day very special. You all made this day so special!

Celebrating and supporting Breast Cancer awareness month and Halloween to keep some fun and inspiration was had by all.

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If you would like to make the cakes above here is what you will need:

doll cake, creative, funfood, Halloween
Halloween, cake
Yield: 1

Doll Cakes

prep time: 15 minscook time: 35 minstotal time: 50 mins
This is an easy way to make a doll cake for any birthday, Halloween party, or event themed to match the colors and decorated to match whatever you need.


1- 4 cup glass measuring cup oven proof heavily greased

1 cake mix made to package instructions any flavor

1 can of colored store bought frosting to match your themed cake

sprinkles of choice

coordinating ribbons

dolls bought from the dollar store that come apart at the waist ( you will only need from the waist up)

Popsicle sticks


Pour the cake batter  into a heavily greased measuring glass cup around half way into the measuring up .  Bake to package instructions. Cool a few minutes and dump onto a wax papered cookie sheet to decorate. Cool completely.

Use just the doll head to the waist to  place into the cake.

I used the legs for a graveyard cake in this post with the leftover batter baked into a smaller pan.
Crushed oreo cookies on top for the dirt and gummy worms with chocolate frosting on top.

Frost and decorate to whatever theme you like. I am sure you will get creative!

For the Pink Breast Cancer Awareness doll cake I  used breast cancer awareness ribbon from the dollar store and pink frosting. 

I bought the ribbon from the dollar stores and made a witch hat and did purple and black frosting.

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Doll Cakes Pin for Later

this is a doll cake with the Halloween theme  or the breast cancer awareness pink frosting doll and the other is made purple and black for Halloween as a witch

Halloween Recipe Roundup!

this is a doll cake with the Halloween theme  or the breast cancer awareness pink frosting doll


  1. Oh my gosh! What beautiful doll cakes! The girls did a much better job than me - and it looks like you had a lovely time doing it. I must say that my favorite part was your great-nephew's graveyard with the doll's legs!! So creative! I'm going to share this on my community page - it's just so cute!!

  2. Would be cute next time to make the dolls witches for Halloween. :)

    I was planning to take a graveyard cake to an office pot-luck the other day. I had made (and written out) cookie headstones, piped a chocolate gate, picked up other spooky candy decorations, etc., but when I inverted the cake out of the pan to frost and decorate it, it completely fell apart lol. Might have to try again for when I'm in the office on Friday.

  3. Great doll cakes and family too, for sure. Love that graveyard cake!

  4. What fun memories you made for your great nieces! Your whole family does well in the kitchen!

  5. What a great creative activity for the family to do. I love that the legs did not go to waste! Being supportive together is vital in times as difficult as this, and I am glad to read that there is a happy ending.

  6. Oh God, these cakes look incredibly beautiful !! This is really a wonderful job! One of my favs. I can't WAIT to try this! Thank you

  7. These cakes bring back memories! My hubby made our daughter a Barbie cake like this when she was little. Also, my hubby is a survivor of thyroid cancer. My heart goes out to your family with best wishes for health.

  8. Family really is everything! What an amazing thing to do for them. Making memories! :)

  9. Sometimes I think that maybe I should have another baby and maybe it will be a girl so I can make pretty cakes and things....but then I remember the two boys I have are already driving me crazy enough and I'll just let them use the legs for Halloween cakes instead - great ideas!!!

  10. Cancer sucks... but I'm so happy to hear they are both still cancer free 5 years later!! These cakes are such a fun idea, and a great way to get the kids involved

  11. These cakes a super cute. It is my granddaughter's birthday next month. I bet she would love me to make one of these for her.

  12. I can't believe in what I see - it is an incredible piece of art! I would never allow myself to destroy such a beauty lol! Fantastic work - thank you for the recipe!

  13. These cakes look so easy to make. I know my little girl would go crazy if I had this cake at her next party.

  14. I love the tradition of baking with the family. These memorable moments will be cherished for years to come!

  15. Wow and Wow! These cakes are really impressive! Very nice! My children will be delighted with this.

  16. This is really a great job. They are incredible. My kids love interesting cakes. I think they like it. Good idea for a festive table. Thank you for sharing this.

  17. Wow, you've made some pretty doll cakes for family and friends. I bet there must be some really happy little girls who will always remember their little doll cakes.

  18. These cakes are so beautiful and I love how easy to make them! My both daughters want to make a doll cake!

  19. Such a fun idea for Halloween, Claudia! These look very pretty and creative. XO

  20. I'm so sorry to hear about your relatives and the struggle before them. That was very sweet of you to go to support them and spend some time with all of them. This is when family is important. In our family we lost someone to cancer -- it's not easy. I miss her every day. Those cakes are super cute! They were certainly made for a good cause.

  21. Those doll cakes look amazing - you make it sound very easy to make too :-) Will have to try this for my daughter some time. Thank you for sharing.


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