Butternut Squash Arugula Winter Raspberry Salad

Thursday, January 25, 2018
Butternut Squash Arugula Winter Raspberry Salad is my kicking off  to a healthy diet New Year! This is my go to salad in the winter months since I can't get my favorite butternut squash all year long!  I love Butternut sweet squash with arugula and fresh fruit dressing. Take a look at this light colorful and delicious homemade salad that packs a great taste from fruits to vegetables!

Butternut Squash Arugula Winter Raspberry Salad

Fresh colorful vibrant salads keep summer alive all winter long.

When I combine vegetables in a salad, they are far from the boring same old same old. Butternut Squash Arugula Winter Raspberry Salad is my favorite salad of all time.

The sweet, nutty taste of arugula with spinach and raspberry dressing brings summer back to life in the cooler months.

I love to add shrimp or chopped roasted chicken on top too when I have any leftovers.

One of my favorite fruits are raspberries. They shout summer to me.

Raspberries and blueberries are always a nice addition. You can use any fruit you like to puree to make this simple dressing.

Butternut squash is the perfect addition in this pretty salad. It's full of vitamins and sure to catch a lot of compliments if you are serving brunch.

If you and your guests aren't fond of eating the squash at room temperature.

 My recommendation is to roast it in the oven and eat it on your salad warm roasted. Either way I love it! I microwave it, cube it and save half of it for later.

You can also toss the squash in melted butter, cinnamon and sugar if you want to add to be a sweeter salad. Cinnamon always pairs well with berries and the salad will have a whole new flavor added.

I didn't add sliced roasted almonds which will give this a nutty flavor and very nice addition but since my son isn't a big fan of almonds, I left them out.

Butternut Squash Arugula Winter Salad

Keeping Summer Alive All Year Long.

Bringing summer into my home, yet still a winters day, this salad will bring all of those comforting taste to life.

Try some hot cinnamon tea to warm you up to go along with this salad, it's my favorite flavor on a cold windy day to warm me up.

The best thing about this salad when your counting calories, it's very low!   If  you don't want to pack on the extra pounds in winter months, this is perfect salad for you!

Of course everything in moderation with using any or all ingredients , ( meaning I use around 1/4 cup of each except lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber, eat as much as you want!) its a filling lunch packing only 220 calories!  Now that's a bonus in itself!

Fruits and vegetables that contain natural sugars that turn into carbs and adds additional calories. Use them in moderation for a lower calorie lunch.

Butternut Squash Arugula Winter Raspberry Salad 

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Butternut Squash Arugula Winter Salad

Butternut Squash Arugula Winter Salad

Butternut Squash Arugula Winter Raspberry Salad

Winter Butternut Squash Arugula Raspberry Salad


cut up as much as you like for the amount of people your feeding
butternut squash ( I microwave one for around 9 minutes, cooled, peeled and cubed ( I used one small squash half for just myself)
1 or 2 plum tomatoes diced
I use a handful of each:
cucumber diced
avocado cubed
blue cheese or feta crumbles

Optional: sliced olives, celery, onions, red cabbage, other greens,  beets, any kinds of nuts, chickpeas, cooked meats, cooked fish (this will add additional calories to your salad)

Salad dressing:

Pureed fresh raspberries 1 small container put through food processor (or use blueberries) around 1 cup of puree
3 tablespoons olive oil extra virgin
1 or 2 tablespoons lime or lemon juice
pinch of salt, pepper, oregano 
chopped fresh basil
Mix together pour over greens.

Layer your bowl with all the vegetables your using. Top with greens and cheeses. Pour or dip salad in the dressing.
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  1. Such a marvelous salad! I love the idea of adding butternut squash---so yummy!

  2. What a beautiful and healthy salad! Miss butternut squash!


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