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S'mores Stuffed Brownie Video Recipe

Another easy brownie stuffed with graham cracker, marshmallows and chocolate chips. If your a s'mores lover these will be a must try for you they are really decadent and a chocolate lovers dream as well!  Once they are cooled the marshmallows that look like they just on top blend into the top layer like magic!

They deflate as they cool and in the video they were still very hot so the first photo is the end result of cutting them into squares.

S'mores Stuffed Brownie Video Recipe

Here's all you need:
1 bag large marshmallows cut into half
1/4 cup chocolate chips
Your favorite brownie mix ( I made cake like brownies to the package instructions.
1 package of chocolate flavored graham crackers.
parchment paper

Line you brownie pan with parchment paper. Place the chocolate graham crackers to fill the bottom of you pan.

 Place a cut marshmallow every 1/2 inch. Press chocolate chips into the marshmallows. Pour the prepared boxed brownie mix to package instructions covering the marshmallows and grahams crackers.
Bake in a 350 degree preheated oven until set around 25 to 30 minutes.


  1. Wow, these look spectacular, Claudia! Much better than their namesake :)

  2. Hi Claudia, Great video. It is fun getting to know each other.
    I do love brownies and chocolate. That would be great with a cup of tea. Blessings dear. Catherine

  3. I am definitely going to try these. Great idea! It's kismet because I picked up a boxed brownie mix when I shopped today because it was on sale for 74 cents. Now I know what I'll use it for.

  4. It looks divine! Thanks for sharing the video, Claudia.


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