Wicked Witch Halloween Cupcake Recipe Video

Tuesday, October 21, 2014
One of my favorite movies is a Classic "The Wizard Of Oz". After looking for ways to create that fun filled time in my youth I decided to recreate a little favorite memories from that film. Here is the Wicked Witch of the East for Halloween fun and these cupcakes are perfect to serve at any party. I promise these are easy to make, just sit back and watch my step by step video and lets get this party started!
Happy Halloween 2014! From the good witch of the North

Watch My Wicked Witch Cupcake Video

1 batch of baked cupcakes (chocolate or vanilla baked and cooled.

 Use your favorite cake mix it really doesn't matter what flavor, you can even buy cupcakes already made.

1 bag coconut I used 1 cup with 2 teaspoons water and 1 drop green food coloring to make it tinted green.

Candy corn the yellow part cut off and cut again in half for the shoe buckle.

Peppermint sticks, these I found at the dollar tree small sticks cut in half make the perfect size for the legs.

mini tootsie rolls unwrap leaving on the paper microwave 6 seconds to soften.

1 can of white frosting

Spread the frosting on the cupcake. Add the coconut. Wrap the tootsie roll that is softened from microwaving around the halved peppermint stick and shape into a boot. Add the yellow candy corn for the buckle and stick into the cupcake. Repeat with the other half of your peppermint stick.

Have a safe Halloween.! Happy Hauntings.

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  1. How festive Claudia! I love this...such a cute idea :) ...that's one of my favorite movies too! ^_^


  2. Claudia, that is absolutely adorable!! I love listening to you show how to be so creative.
    You are wonderful. Blessings dear. Catherine

  3. These are so creative, Claudia! I was wondering how you made those boots---such a fun idea!


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