Ice Cream Cone Easter Basket Cupcakes

When I think of Easter I think of baking, cooking and festive treats. I love seeing the kids and adults faces when they see food art. These cupcake cones are just a joy to make and delicious too!

These were fun but a little tricky. See my tips below. Buona Pasqua! Which is Happy Easter in Italian!

Ice cream cones made into cupcake baskets

Ice cream cones made into cupcake baskets

Ice cream cones made into cupcake baskets

Are these stinkin cute or what?  I just love them! I am always looking for new projects for the kids to do. 

getting the ice cream cones prepared

ice cream cones in cupcakes tins

When I think of Easter, the first thing that comes to mind are  Easter baskets for the kids. I love the looks on every child's face when they see that big over flowing basket of Easter candy and toys.

The Easter basket is just a small version of Christmas here in our house. I really love making my own Easter baskets for the kids.  I put everything in my baskets that the children love, so it's personalized. The baskets are what inspired these cute little cupcake baskets.

They're also great for school bake sales, you can never make enough. They're festive, delicious and easy to make. Every kid smiles when they see them and so much fun to eat!

Here is what you will need for your Ice Cream Cone Easter Basket Cupcake Recipe:

Cupcake tins

Sugar Cones
Cupcake Liners can be used after they are backed for presentation
Cake mix  batter any flavor made to package instructions
Licorice I used red and cut it in half and down the center for the handles
Tin foil
Oil spray
Frosting any color you like
Jelly beans in assorted colors
Coconut tinted green place 1/2 cup coconut in a dish add 1/4 cup water and 4 drops green food color let sit then drain pat dry set aside

Very carefully remove the cones from the package. Place on a cutting board using a serrated edged knife sawing back and forth cutting around 3 inches off. I did break a few. Holding by the seam helps.

Then wrap each bottom with foil. Place in cupcake tins and spray inside the foil bottom with oil spray.
Add around 2 teaspoons of batter to each of the cones.
Bake at 350 degrees until they are baked around 15 to 20 minutes watch them they cook fast.
Cool completely. Remove foil
Frost each one. Add coconut, jelly beans and place the licorice handle into the cake edges.
If you decide to use the wrappers I place a tiny bit of frosting on the bottom to hold the basket in place.

finished ice cream cone baskets

  Enjoy making these ! I actually was so happy with the outcome!


  1. These are so adorable! I wish Chris and Miriah were close enough to me so I could make these for Miriah's "mini-me". I've shared your post with them. I hope they make them!

  2. Love these, Claudia! Such a fun, creative Easter treat.


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