Microwave Coffee Cup Chocolate Cake

Friday, March 11, 2011

I was so excited to get an email from my favorite recipe group, one of the largest kitchen on the blogosphere, CookEatShare... I have several groups here on that site which has hundreds of awesome recipes. The groups are Tips and Helpful Hints (most popular) Whats Cookin Italian Cuisine, Mom said this is the way Grandma made it, HodgepodgeCookies Cookies and Only Cookies, Chicken/ Poultry recipes. You will find what you are looking here on this site for sure. Chefs, that have a passion for fine food, family and the love of teaching the art.
 The email from CookEatShare,  was to thank me for all the contributions to their web site, I am so appreciative of their recognition. So with that said, using the token of their appreciation, here is my latest post!

I have two recipes for you... one is from scratch and one is the easy way out!
I love easy sometimes, don't you?

Thank you to  the creator of the website Cookeatshare,  John Spottiswood for my lovely cup,  all foodies welcome to join us at CookEatShare ,anytime you will love it there!

Made from Scratch:

 Chocolate Mug Cake

4 tablespoons flour (cake flour will make this lighter)
4 tablespoons brown sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
1/8 teaspoon baking powder (a pinch)
1/8 teaspoon salt (a pinch)
1 egg, beaten
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons oil or melted butter
2 -3 drops coconut oil or vanilla
 In a small bowl, mix the flour, sugar, cocoa, tiny pinch baking powder and tiny pinch salt. (This can also be mixed directly into a large mug).

Add egg and mix into dry mixture.
 Add oil and milk and mix well.
 Grease a tall, large mug, and pour in this mixture, scraping out with a spatula.
Place in microwave on High for 2 minutes and 30 seconds (mine is 1000 watts)
 (Best slightly undercooked, so be careful).
Cool, sprinkle with confectionery sugar or your favorite frosting...

Microwave Coffee Cake or (any kind of microwave cake from a cake mix)

1/3 cup of your favorite cake mix (this coffee cake is a plain yellow cake mix)
4 tablespoons of milk

cinnamon/sugar mixture
chopped walnuts and/or raisins
(Only for coffee cakes for all  other flavors, sprinkle tops with confectionery sugar or add a scoop of ice cream)

In a greased microwaveable cup, spray with cooking oil. Add the two ingredients and blend well, sprinkle with a cinnamon and sugar mixture equal parts... top with chopped nuts and raisins . Microwave for 2 minutes. Viola~~~ here's your quick dessert cake!


  1. What a pair of yummy recipes to showcase the appreciation mug from CookEatShare, it was very sweet of them! Nicely done Claudia!

  2. This recipe looks so easy and doesn't seem to lose any of its cakey goodness. Your mug looks great! Congrats!

    I joined cookeatshare a while ago but didn't really use my account. My blog doesn't focus on recipes...it focuses more on decorating cakes, cupcakes. So, that site didn't seem like the right place for me or maybe i am totally mistaken. People love that site though :)

  3. SO yummy and easy to make, I love easy recipes that are wonderful! :)

  4. You are a genious! Very yummy !
    Have a nice week end

  5. I have done a version of these mug cakes before, too, and they ARE a great treat!

  6. How perfect! I will pick up some cake flour, for just those times that only warm chocolate cake will do!

  7. now that's a cup I could use anytime of the day - great recipe and yes Claudia, thanks for all your contributions...

  8. Did a version of this that I got from Mennonite Girls and can attest that it was delish!

  9. Cake in any way, shape or form is good!!! I'm going to visit CookEatShare now. Love that each person can get their own cake!

  10. From scratch and easy - perfect. Nice to see you get some recognition - you are one of the hardest-working bloggers I know and so deliciously creative.

  11. Delicious coffee cup chocolate cake, I heard lot about them, not tried yet.

  12. What a great idea for fast and easy, mini treats!

  13. I just received my mug as well and love that site. visitng from bella vita, saying hi, anne

  14. I've heard of microwave chocolate cake, but never actually tried it from scratch. Glad you like it, and thanks for sharing!

  15. I love the idea of baking it in a coffee cup. I have never seen that before.

  16. That is so brilliant!! Just put some ice cream on top and.....

  17. What a fun idea! I'm all about the individual servings right now, I love the cup idea. I got one of those mugs too and was trying to think of a way to feature it, but you have done it best. My daughter just peeked over my shoulder and says "Yep... that's what I want!"

  18. I've seen mixed reviews on this method...but I think using the right sized mug could be the answer. My kids would love if I baked a few of these during dinner for our dessert :)

  19. @Lizzy yes Lizzy I have tried several and then adapted with a few other ingredients to make this not a lump or heavy sponge. If anyone can remember the Easy Bake Oven days (dating myself), that's what to expect, this is not nearly as wonderful as a homemade scratch cake and not advocating that but just a quick fix that will surely put a smile and delight on children and a good starter to help in the kitchen, lots of fun and bonding here, adding ice cream or frosting would be another bonus, its not for everyone though... thanks

  20. This is such a fun way to prepare and present cake. I will have to show this to mu niece, I am trying to get her to cook or at least try :)

  21. MyBFs mom gave me a recipe for mug cake a while back and I lost it! I am glad you posted this because I was interested in trying it :)

  22. I love cake in a cup! Never made the coffee cake one - will have to give it a try!

  23. Oh yeah for the cake mix! You know I'm a big "cheater mix fan" lol. It was exciting to be honored with those mugs from John. They well made too!

  24. OMGosh... we both have mug cakes on our mind. I'm publishing a recipe n it shortly too - pressure cooked, of course!

    I haven't had a microwave since I got married (tech engineer hubby is afraid of it)!

    Yours looks deeelish!



    P.S. Try using a good olive oil instead of butter - heaven!

    hip pressure cooking
    making pressure cooking hip, one recipe at a time!

  25. That is so cute you thought to do that with your mug!

  26. Congratulations Claudia!. I really enjoy CookEatShare and all the great recipes that are readily accessible. I think it one of the more user friendly food sites around.

    Anyway I think your microwave coffee cup chocolate cake is genius. I don't buy commercial cakes or cookies (except for hubby's choc.chips) and I sometimes wish I had a snack. This cake looks perfect!!!!! I'm making it tonight. Can't wait to eat dinner so I can make my cake.

    Thanks so much for sharing,

  27. I love the chocolate cake in a mug idea. Perfect when you have that evil chocolate craving riding hard. ;)

  28. Every time I try to make anything with bread or cake like substance in my microwave I am always disappointed. I wonder if I should risk it to try this?


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