Watermelon Sorbet Adult Recipe

Sunday, July 8, 2012
Refreshing Watermelon Sorbet it's one of those oh yeah got to have it in this summer heat! Perfect for leftover watermelon just waiting to be used up! Give this a try on a hot hot day! It's the perfect summer fun!
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3 cups fresh watermelon rinds removed and seeds removed
3/4 cup favorite liqueur  (bourbon, vodka , rum etc.)
1/3 cup fresh lime juice or lemon juice
1/2 cup grenadine or maraschino cherry juice
3/4 cup (1- 6 oz can) pineapple juice or apple

Place everything in a blender until combined  with melon.  Chill in the freezer around 1/2 hour.
Put this in an ice cream maker according to instructions manual of your unit. This will take approximately 40 minutes.
Serve in martini glasses.

We have a traditional Upstate NY style lemon ice. I grew up with that as a summer treat. 


  1. This is sheer genius. I love sorbet and could enjoy a little digestive after a meal :)

  2. Oh my, does this look incredible! And a perfect 'cool me down' for this ridiculously hot weather we’ve been having!

  3. watermelon and rum, are you serious? oh hell yeah, I am all over this one, what a great cool-me-down treat with a kick!!!

  4. I love making sorbets! I definitely am going to try this one.

  5. This sounds fantastic, Claudia! I love the idea of adding pineapple juice...so yummy! Hope you've having a great weekend~

  6. amazing looking this sorbet. Looks just perfect for summer. Brava come sempre.

  7. I agree with Lizzy, love that this is an adult version! Hope you had a great weekend!

  8. Hi Pengasuslegend, wow.... your watermelon sorbet look so tempting. This is what I need now for our hot climate in Malaysia. :)

    Have a nice day, regards.

  9. I have a coworker who recommends Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. I'll be sure to send this along to him!

  10. Ooh, we love watermelon and spiced rum but have never tried making a sorbet out of it. I have no doubt that I would LOVE this!

  11. This would be a great treat for our 4th of July party!!!


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