Seafood Marinara Sauce Medley with Angel Hair Pasta Recipe

Saturday, December 21, 2013
One of my favorite dishes anytime of the year. I tend to make more red sauce in the cooler months. Mom always threw in whatever seafood was on sale, through the years I adapted this one to my tastes. Hope you like it too. Below you will find a link to Grandma's marinara sauce. Of course you can always buy it. Make sure you get fresh seafood for this dish and use extra large shrimps!

1 cup or more shredded Lobster or crab meat
2 pounds extra large cleaned shrimp (approximately 6 per person is what I make)
Marinara fresh plum tomato sauce or store bought
Angela hair cooked al dente to package instructions in salt water I also like to get the fresh in the dairy case for this recipe not the dry one.
fresh chopped parsley and fresh chopped basil
olive oil
minced garlic
Chablis white wine
Sauté the garlic in 3 tablespoons olive oil around 2 minutes add 4 tablespoon white wine. Remove from the stove. Add the cleaned seafood and place into the fry pan. Coating with the garlic and olive oil. Cook until shrimp turns pink, around sauté on high around 5 minutes.  Set aside.

Make the sauce or buy marinara sauce in a jar if you prefer. I use my grandmothers recipe, click here. The recipe is made from scratch with plum tomatoes.

When the sauce is cooked, add the seafood mixture into the sauce.

Boil the pasta to package directions (we use fresh), drain.
Place pasta on the dish. Top with seafood sauce. Sprinkle with chopped fresh parsley and basil. Serve with garlic bread and antipasto salad.

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  1. How could anyone resist those gorgeous shrimp??? What a marvelous pasta!


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