Italian Baked Chicken

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Delicious oven fried chicken with all the right spices that make that crispy skin so perfectly seasoned. This is one of those quick and easy recipes that we make often because after you eat it this way the family will ask for it again and again! It's healthier version and I promise it really taste fried!

Healthier baked chicken pieces baked in the oven crispy that taste fried baked to perfection

Healthier baked chicken pieces baked in the oven crispy that taste fried baked to perfection

Simple oven roasted chicken with bread crumbs that taste fried!

Healthier baked chicken pieces baked in the oven crispy that taste fried baked to perfection

How things change as the years go by!

As I was growing up, we are everything fried back in the 1960's. My mom fried cutlets, deer meat, lamb, deep fried all kinds of vegetables and now, in my generation it's all about eating healthier. Sure everything taste great fried, but with heart disease being still the number one killer.

We should be trying to eat better. Heart disease runs in my family. Mom. dad had it, now gone. Today both my brothers have it.

I try to recreate everything a little healthier with less sugar, fats and do the best I can to keep that great taste. This chicken really fools everyone.

It really does taste fried and is baked. I know it's still not 100% the healthiest way to eat but it's better than any of the saturated fats used out there. I really like the fact that it keeps the juices in and never dry. Take the skin off for less fat. I like boneless chicken breast.

Italian Baked Chicken

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If you love crispy chicken then I really would also broil the top in the end after baking if you like that dark crispy color that comes from frying. I love to broil the chicken at the end. It really makes crunchier.

It really does crisp up nicely just baked, I just happened to like mine very dark on the outside. Broiling it will help it crisp up very dark and the perfect way I like it. That's just my opinion.

I am sure you will decide on how you prefer yours but that is the tip I give for crispy baked chicken! Either way Italian flavored baked chicken is fabulous, flavorful and one of my favorite easy ways to bake chicken!

Italian Baked Chicken

Italian Baked Chicken Recipe


4 to 5 pieces bone in thighs, breast or legs and even a combination (for less fat, remove skin and use just boneless chicken)

combination of  canola,  or vegetable and olive oil 1/4 cup mixed (or use canola oil is preferred)

minced garlic around 2 tablespoons

2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley or 1 tablespoon dried

salt, pepper to taste

Italian flavored bread crumbs (panko works the best but whatever you have is fine)

grating cheese Reggiano Romano or use any Italian style grating cheese

granulated garlic

dried oregano

In a large bowl add the chicken, 1/4 cup olive oil and toss to evenly coat. Add salt, pepper, minced garlic, parsley and stir to coat evenly.

Place the chicken in a greased disposable aluminum pan or deep baking dish lined with parchment paper.

Since I love garlic so much I like to add more of the granulated on top of the chicken.

Sprinkle the tops of the chicken pieces with bread crumbs, grating cheese, granulated garlic and oregano evenly all over.

Bake in a 400 degree hot oven until chicken is nicely browned and crispy skin around 45 minutes.

Note: I do not turn the chicken over during baking
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  1. This chicken looks delicious! And definitely healthier than frying!


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