Fried Venison Steaks

Friday, March 4, 2016
Pan-fried Venison steaks taste just like regular beef when prepared right.

These are made into tender cutlets and are fork tender.

This is is almost like Chicken fried chicken using Venison steak.

Pan-fried venison is so tender and juicy prepared this way.

If you are looking for the perfect pan-fried Venison recipe, you just found it.

The real secret is the marinade.

The venison will be fork tender using this method below. Enjoy!


Every year my husband looks forward to flying up North, Upstate New York for hunting season.

His dad owns land there and they have a private area to hunt on.

This was a lucky year for him and he was able to bag a deer and have it packed in dry ice to bring home. We had deer meat all winter.

Venison deer meat coated with bread crumbs frying in a pan of oil

Love or Hate Relationship

It's one of the meats you either love or hate.

When I was growing up, we had it in many ways and I just couldn't get a taste for it. As I have experimented with different recipes.

I found that the steaks are my favorite cut and they are amazing fried like this. I really couldn't taste any gamy flavor.

The marinade is perfect to mask any kind of gamy taste.

Here is the recipe I made and we all love this fried steak recipe.

I have mastered quite a few deer meat recipes now that we really love. This is by far our favorite.

Venison deer meat coated with bread crumbs frying in a pan of oil

Childhood Hobbies

One of the things my husband misses the most living here in Florida is the Upstate New York hunting.

When he is lucky enough to get that time of year off from work in November, we end up making all kinds of amazing deer meat recipes.

If you never tried deer meat, try this one first.

Venison deer meat coated with bread crumbs frying in a pan of oil

Make Sure The Meat Is Dry

One of the issues I ran into, is the meat is very wet.

Blot it dry with paper towels before you coat this with flour.

Then dip into egg and bread crumbs.

It tends to be hard to keep the coating on.

I like to double coat the meat.

Venison deer meat coated with bread crumbs frying in a pan of oil

Tenderloin and Steaks

When choosing the deer meat to fry, I always go for the tenderloin.

This part is really tender and fries up nicely.

Most other parts of deer meat I stews and slow cook.

Venison deer meat coated with bread crumbs frying in a pan of oil

 Fried Venison Steaks

 Pan Fried Venison Fried Steak Cutlets

    1 pound of Venison Steak Meat cut into cutlets half inch thickness


    1/4 cup soy sauce
    1/4 cup lemon juice
    2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
    1 teaspoon granulated garlic
    4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
    salt, pepper
    cayenne dash optional

    Place meat in a large container above ingredients, marinate at least 4 hours or overnight turning occasionally. Overnight is preferred.

    1 cup flour
    1 egg
    bread crumbs
    Parmesan cheese
    Drain off the marinade.
    In a pie plate beat 1 egg with around 4 tablespoons water.
    Slice the drained meat around 1/2 thick pieces.
    Shake into all-purpose flour in a ziplock bag around 1 cup flour.
    Dip each floured cutlet into the 1 beaten egg-water mixture and then into Italian flavored breadcrumbs with adding around 1 tablespoon parmesan cheese in the breadcrumbs.

    In a large fry pan add 2 tablespoons butter and oil to cover the bottom of the pan and heat to medium heat. Saute steaks on one side till golden brown then turn and cook till golden brown on the other side.  Place on paper towel to drain off oil.
    Serve immediately.

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    Venison deer meat coated with bread crumbs frying in a pan of oil

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    1. Venison, we eat a lot. Woods nearby are full of wild venison .KInd of meat that you do not need to be hung up for a while.It is tender straight away. Good to see such a good marinade for this meat.

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    3. Excellent! Thank you for this recipe, it is really hard to find any good wild game recipes.


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