Leftover Venison Stew Pot Pie Recipe

Friday, March 18, 2016
In my collection of Venison recipes, I decided to try a pot pie with the leftovers. The venison pot pie was a huge hit. The crust, filling, and ease of this recipe will win your hunter's heart for sure. I have a great collection of Venison recipe links you can try below. The pot pie is such a delicious addition. It was made with a wonderful old fashioned stew recipe and a hunter would swoon over this delicious meal along with your pot pie fans!

this is a bowl of venison stew pot pie

Pot Pie Comfort Food!

I am not a big fan of leftovers unless they are repurposed.

This venison stew tastes is so delicious in this pot pie and the whole family loved it.

The venison was so tender and being it was leftover stew, the ease of this recipe was fantastic!

Everything in it makes the perfect pot pie using leftovers and the total comforting meal.

This is a green porcelin bowl with a stew in it made into a pot pie from the leftovers with Venison

Calling all Venison Lovers!

I love using venison for so many meals.

I have some great recipes below in link for you to try.

One of our favorite side dishes is Venison Fried Rice using leftover white rice and sauteed cubed venison that was leftover.

Venison never goes to waste, my husband is a hunter and big fan!

Another favorite recipe is Venison Chili, it's so good and done in a slow cooker!

This is a pot pie casserole made with venison stew . The pie crust is still raw and ready to bake

Pie Crust

My pie crust recipe is simple and flaky, you may choose to cut time by using store-bought pie crust instead.

The venison stew is easy to make, perfect for this filling and the pie is juicy and the meat is fork tender.

I always dot the crust with butter and it makes it have a delicious brown sheen to the top along with that buttery taste.

this is a cooked pot pie that has leftover venison stew in it

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Fried Venison

This is a green porcelin bowl with a stew in it made into a pot pie from the leftovers with Venison

Shortcuts and Tips

  • Use leftover Venison stew from one of the recipe links
  • Use leftover vegetables of any kind in the pot pie
  • Make sure there is enough liquid left in your stew or add some white wine to the stew for some juice
  • Always brush the pie crust with melted or slices of butter
  • For an herb pie crust, sprinkle the top of the raw dough with Italian seasoning and granulated garlic powder
  • Use a deep casserole dish for your pot pie and shape, just roll the crust to fit your vessel.

this is a bowl of venison stew pot pie

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Venison Stew Pot Pie Pin for later

pot pie venison stew in a bowl

venison, deer meat, pot pie, comfort food, stew
stew, soup, pie, pot pies
Italian, American
Yield: 8
this is the recipe card on how to make venison stew pot pie

Leftover Venison Stew Pot Pie

prep time: 25 min cook time: 40 mins total time: 65 mins
This is a comforting stew for those who love Venison meat and hunters. This pot pie is made with using leftover stew, pie crust to make the perfect comfort food and repurposing leftovers!



  1. Use an oil sprayed casserole deep pan lined with pie crust, greased well. Add the leftover stew into the crust.
  2. Top with another rolled out crust and seal by crimping edges with a fork. Poke holes in the top of the dough. Brush with melted butter.
  3. Bake until browned on top at 350 degrees for around 35 to 40 minutes until the top is nicely browned.
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Venison Stew Pot Pie Pin for later

this is the pin for later on how to make a pot pie with venison stew

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this is a raw casserole getting ready for the oven to make venison pot pie

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