Guinness Irish Recipes and More

Wednesday, March 16, 2016
Any meats made with Guinness tenderizes them, the beer is also amazing in so many desserts and of course a great Irish beer to drink!

Through the years and holidays, I have tested and tried many beers and always come back to Guinness Beer for the flavor and best results.

These are some of the recipes I made for St. Patrick's Day to celebrate the Patron Saint Frances.

We have a special love for Slow Cooker Guinness Corned Beef and if there happen to be any leftovers, we make some simple Reuben sandwiches.

Each recipe is delightful in taste and I am sure there is something for everyone to try below.

Even if you're not Irish you can be for a day making some of the delicious recipes made with beer.

this is corned beef in guinness beer cooked in a pressure cooker or slow cooker and how to prepare it. The meat is cooked sliced and in it's juice made from the beer

What is Guinness or Stout Beer?

This traditional Irish stout beer called Guinness is made from roasted barley, hops, yeast, and water.

The beer gets its deep color and caramelized flavor from the barley that's been roasted and not malted.

Guinness beer originated in the brewery of Arthur Guinness at St. James's Gate, Dublin, Ireland, in 1759.

This beer is less in alcohol content than most other beer and the perfect marinade or cooking flavor for almost any slow cooked Corned Beef recipe.

If you are a St. Patrick's Day party lover and feeling festive this is a smart choice!

this is a recipe for how to make corned beef in the slow cooker with guinness beer

Guinness Corned Beef

Guinness Sauce For Ribeye

guinness beer chili

Guinness Chili

guinness beer brats made into reubens

Guinness Reuben Brats

guinness gravy for colcannon mashed potatoes

Guinness Gravy and Colcannon Mashed Potatoes

Irish cream and Stout Beer Guinness Cupcakes chocolate and vanilla recipes

Irish Cream or Stout Chocolate Cupcakes

this is a recipe for pressure cooker beer stew

Beer Stew

Guinness Beer Muffin Bread

Guinness Recipes Pin for later

this is a pin for later Guinness Irish Recipe collection

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Guinness Beer

Guinness is a great beer to drink at the pub, and it's truly a delicious ingredient for cooking.

Stout Beer, also known as "The Black Stuff," is a very dark beer with an unmistakable taste.

It's rich, boldness of roasted wheat flavor finds its way into food, it adds a delicious new dimension to the dish or baked goods it's used in.


  1. What a fabulous collection of recipes! I hardly know where to start and which to try first!

  2. What a great collection of Guinness recipes for this St. Patrick's Day! Those cupcakes sure look amazing!

  3. Guinness Reuben Brats??!!! Omg. I know what I'm making this week for St Pat's!

  4. These look amazing and so tasty! I'm so excited to try these recipes! My family is going to love these!

  5. Looks like I'll be all set to celebrate the holiday with a delicious dinner and yummy cupcakes for dessert. Thanks for putting them all in one place to reference.


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