Almond Paste Butter Crescent Cookies

Tuesday, December 1, 2020
These Almond Paste Butter Crescent Cookies are buttery crunchy cookies and can be molded into any shape, we like the crescent but also shaping the dough into candy canes are perfect for the holiday.

The baked cookies are dipped into the fudgy chocolate on both ends then into nuts just makes them look so festive.

Using some simple pantry ingredients, these cookies are super easy to mold and bake and also freeze well if you make them ahead of time.

If you have a hard time finding almond paste, I make my own Almond Paste Recipe you can try.

Scroll down to print out this easy recipe along with some tips to get these beautiful holiday cookies on your trays.

these are almond paste crescents a butter almond flavor cookie dipped on both ends with chocolate and tinted nuts to match Christmas

The Versatile Dough

I love how easy this dough is to work with for shaping.

You can choose a variety of shapes and decorate them with coconut, sprinkles tinted nuts and get creative.

Check out my many suggestions below on how to create fun holiday ideas for your festive cookie tray!

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these are how to make a crescent shaped almond paste  cookie dipped in red and green nuts on the end with chocolate

Ingredients You Will Need

  • butter
  • sugar
  • salt
  • almond paste
  • flour
  • baking powder
  • egg
  • vanilla
  • food coloring
  • nuts of choice or sprinkles .

this is melted chocolate in a white bowl for dipping cookies into

Shape Suggestions

  • wreaths
  • "S" shaped
  • candy canes
  • bows
  • twists


  1. always use a good grade chocolate
  2. use tongs to dip each end
  3. make sure you melt the chocolate in a deep-sided bowl
  4. add any kinds of nuts of sprinkles on the end
  5. tint the nuts green or red with food coloring for a festive holiday look
  6. Use coconut on the end for nut allergies, sunflower seeds, or pumpkin seeds

this is almond paste crescent cookie dough

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Almond Paste Cookies

these are crescent cookies dipped into chocolate with nuts drying on wax paper

Almond Paste Butter Crescent Cookies Pin For later

this is a pin for how to make Almond Paste Crescent Butter Cookies

Almond Paste Butter Crescent Cookies

Almond Paste Butter Crescent Cookies

Yield: 30
Author: Claudia Lamascolo
Prep time: 10 MinCook time: 12 MinTotal time: 22 Min
These are buttery rich almond paste cookie dipped into chocolate then nuts on both ends. The dough is easily molded into any shape.


  • 1 cup butter softened but not melted
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 8 ounces almond paste cut up
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 1/4 cups flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • food coloring red and green
  • 2 cups chopped almonds, pistachios, macadamia, walnuts, pecans or use colorful sprinkles, colorful sugar,  coconut, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds for nut allergies. 
  • Parchment paper
  • Good Grade Chocolate
  • Garnish suggestions:  tint the nuts  or coconut (if using) with red and green food coloring


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. 
  2. Line cookie sheets with parchment paper or grease.
  3. Cream the butter and the sugar together until light and fluffy.
  4.  Add the almond paste, vanilla, egg until well blended. 
  5. Slowly add the flour, baking powder,, and salt until smooth.
  6. You can now make crescent shapes, wreaths, candy canes, or any other shapes you desire.
  7. Dye the almonds 1 cup of red 1 cup of green. I put mine in the food processor with 3 drops of coloring. 
  8. Place in a bowl and set aside.
  9. Bake for 12 minutes or until edges begin to get golden brown.
  10. Melt the chocolate and set aside until cookies are cooled completely.
  11. Dip each cookie end in melted chocolate, then in red crushed tinted almonds on one side and green crushed tinted almonds on the other, or use colored candies of your choice. 
  12. Place on parchment paper or wax paper and let dry for at least an hour.
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Almond Paste Butter Crescent Cookies Pin for later

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these are almond paste crescents a butter almond flavor cookie dipped on both ends with chocolate and tinted nuts to match Christmas

Disclosure: This recipe was originally shared in 2017. It was edited and re-published in 2020.


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