Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix Cake

Saturday, May 18, 2019
If you love making cakes that wow everyone, this dark chocolate fudge cake mix cake is going to be off the charts with family and friends.

The cake is moist, full of fudge flavor and can be made in any kind of shaped pan.

Great for birthdays, picnics and get-togethers for any game day or events.

The ease of using a cake mix is terrific but the results are astonishing!

Even the kids can make this one it's that simple.

With only a few ingredients, you will be on your way to make a decadent chocolate lovers dream cake.

The frosting can be homemade or use your favorite store-bought brands.

So rich and done in no time, let's get started below and bake this creation.

Just scroll down to the recipe card to print this off and don't forget to leave me a comment!

this is a sheet cake dark chocolate fudge cake made with cake mix and brownie mix also topped with dark chocolate frosting


Raspberry Red Velvet Cupcakes

Friday, May 10, 2019
If you are looking for a special delicious easy cake using a mix, look no further, these raspberry red velvet cupcakes, start off with a mix.

This doctored cake mix tastes just like you made them from scratch.

A few simple added ingredients and these cupcakes will taste and look gourmet right out of a bakery shop.

The cream cheese icing with added white chocolate is delectable.

This raspberry and red velvet combination is a match made in heaven.

I love easy recipes like this one that fools even the best of bakers.

Scroll down to the recipe card and print off the recipe.

this photo is of two cupcakes that are raspberry and red velvet. They have whole raspberries on top and cream cheese frosting in heart paper liners


Provolone Alfredo Burgers

Monday, May 6, 2019
It's #Burger Month 2019 and this Provolone Alfredo Burger is one of many epic burgers created by some talented bloggers in the food industry.

It's also time for fun in the sun, adult cocktails, cookouts, family vacations and so much more.

This time of the year really gives you unexplained energy to create delicious foods and this #Burger Month 2019 will not disappoint you!!

A Big Shout out and Huge Thank You to Kita Roberts from over at Girl Carnivore, for putting this together for everyone.

Along with these epic burgers that await you, there are awesome giveaway prizes below that our wonderful sponsors have provided, so hurry up and enter and good luck!

Our family loves this Provolone Alfredo Burger!

Can you tell it's an Italian burger by the name?

This is one super juicy burger and over the top and mouth-watering delicious!


Southwest Bean Filling

Wednesday, May 1, 2019
This Southwest Bean Filling is a starter recipe for filling black bean tacos, quesadilla, added to making great southwestern taco soup and so much more.

This filling can be made all vegetarian or by using sauteed chicken, become a meat lovers delight.

There are so many creative ways to use this delicious filling and it's so versatile.

Leftovers can be better than the first time for sure creating even a new way to use it.

These are simple ingredients, including chicken, peppers and black beans can transform into chili and soups too!

It's perfect for celebrating any kind of game day, taco Tuesday, Cinco De Mayo or just because it's so darn delicious!

Get creative with this basic and easy to prepare this one-pan filling and make something your family will love.

This basic filling can even be used to top cooked pasta or rice, just as an example.

Check out the many suggestions below to make this easy Southwest Bean Filling!

this is a southwest bean peppers and chicken filling started for many kinds of meals