Grilled Hawaiian Pork Chops

Sunday, June 16, 2019
This is a wonderful tropical tasting dish actually we had in Hawaii on a trip we took back in 2003.

The pineapple and peppers along with this amazing marinade for these boneless pork chops are drool-worthy.

You won't be able to wait when you smell them cooking to eat them.

Grilled pork is wonderful, but even if you have to cook them indoors, they're still fantastic, just use a grided cast iron skillet.

Pineapple with that little bit of sweetness gives you the taste of the tropical island flair.

I just love this recipe for this grilled Hawaiian pork chops and it sure reminds me of our fabulous fun times in Hawaii.

I recreated it best I could and it really is almost exactly what we remembered!

It sure gives me a nice feeling to have that taste etched in my mind of those beautiful memories of Maui, and hope you enjoy this easy delicious way to cook pork chops on the grill.

Scroll down to the recipe card to give this great grilled recipe a try this summer.

these are boneless pork chops that have been marinated and then cooked on indirect heat outside on a grill topped with pineapple and peppers with a delicious Polynesian sauce it was marinated in


Italian Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Just when you think you had the best ever recipe for cabbage rolls, then another one comes along like this one.

These are so easy, I have a secret I have been using for years to share today with you.

Once you try my secret, you will never think these are time-consuming again and make them in no time.

It's a foolproof time saver for sure.

We just love cabbage rolls, but when I started out cooking, I never wanted to try them, they look way too complicated.

One day I met an elderly wonderful lady named Amelia, that taught me this trick and it's now over 30 years and making them often without feeling stuffing cabbage was a long and tedious chore!

This tip will let you make them often in no time!

Not going to give you that secret yet though, check out my recipe card at the end to print this off.

I love the stuffing also, it is similar to my other favorites like Stuffed Zucchini or Stuffed Peppers.

Please let me know what you think of the recipe in the comments.

these are stuffed cabbage rolls in tomato sauce


Chicken Parmesan

Friday, June 14, 2019
One of the best meals my family loves is Chicken Parmesan.

These are tender cutlets with sauce and tons of melted cheese, so simple to make, and always asked for on my oldest son Chad's birthday every year.

There is so much controversy where Chicken Parm originated.

Here are some fun facts to ponder.

Chicken Parmesan started way back with Eggplant Parmigiana in Campania and Sicily in Italy.

You deep fry the eggplant and then add cheese and tomato sauce and viola, eggplant parmesan was born.

A much less expensive version that started out in Italy back in the old days, when families stretch their budgets and meat was hard to afford.

Baked to perfection, the eggplant even became a famous hoagie.

At some points, cooks in North America, and other regions of the world with large Italian immigrant populations realized that chicken would be an excellent alternative to the eggplant and Chicken Parmigiana was born.

In America, the dish became popular around 1958, and the “New York Times” first featured a recipe in 1962.

This dish continues to be one of my families favorite.

The Italian sauce, mozzarella melted over a delicious fried chicken cutlet is divine and leftovers are great too.

This is certainly a true classic Italian American dish.

This is the way mom made it. Served with angel hair pasta on the side.

Scroll down to the recipe card for this full recipe

this is how to make Chicken Parmesan with homemade marinara sauce and melted mozzarella cheese on top with a side dish of pasta this is spaghetti


Summer Berry Muffins

Wednesday, June 12, 2019
If you want a taste of the Tropical Island flavors, these Summer Berry Muffins are the treat you've been waiting for.

Sweet, delicate and full of fresh berries, bananas, blueberries, and a little spice that you're going to love!

The whole family will enjoy these fruit muffins and they're so easy to make!

These muffins are tender and taste like a sweet little cake perfect for any time especially those on the go!

They're perfectly portable and don't leave messy crumbs.

These are my kids favorite no matter what fruits I add this basic muffin recipe is fabulous!

Come check out these delicious muffins, the recipe is easy to follow.

I am pretty sure this will be added to your newest recipe collection.

A great breakfast, brunch or even just a snack recipe awaits you.

Don't miss trying this one or at least print it off and save it for later!

 These are a summer blend of fruits with berries Muffins They are a quick bread with banana, raspberries and blueberries. Golden brown sweet muffins with fresh fruits and on a tropical palm tree plate


Easy Funnel Cakes

Monday, June 10, 2019
Funnel cakes are fun to make with the kids and also fun to eat!

If you ever have gone to a fun festival, there are sure to be funnel cakes frying somewhere to buy on the premises.

This is the easiest recipe ever!

Here in the South, these are popular at feasts, outdoor farmer's markets, and other social concert events.

Southern recipes are delicious like maybe you have had our old fashioned corn fritters another favorite recipe?

You can make these for your family and friends when having company or a breakfast treat!

Check out the photo's how easy these are, all you need is your index finger and a large-holed funnel or zip lock baggie or even a cookie press to make the design!

These are really easy to make and taste like a fried donut with powdered sugar but lighter.

Scroll down to this easy to read and make a printable recipe.


Chili Cheese Dog Burgers

Sunday, June 9, 2019
I really love a burger with different and unique toppings.

One of my favorites is this chili cheese dog burger.

What are chili cheese dog burgers?

Chili beans, cheese hotdogs, and a dressed to the nines burger that's so amazing you can't stop eating it!

The chili is bursting with flavors and during a great outdoor picnic, this burger is the best of both worlds, hotdogs, and burgers combined with delicious chili.

We love a great chili dog and hotdogs with cheese on top then combined with a seasoned burger and the extra goodies in the chili, it's a winner for sure.

The best part is, the burger is dressed and served with the best of all picnic foods.

Beans, cheese hotdogs, chili, a little heat and wow the burger is so amazing you can't stop eating it!

Take a stroll down to the recipe card and check out the delicious chili and this perfectly cooked burger.

this is how to make a chili with hotdogs in it then added to a grilled hamburger on a ciabatta roll. This is sitting on a white plate with sprinkles of dried parsley and more chili falling off the burger.


Girl Scout Cookie Recipes

Thursday, June 6, 2019
Growing up I sold them, as an adult I devour them. Girl Scout cookies were a fun cookie that I personally looked forward to every year.

Not only to support the girls but they're so darn delicious.

Over the years I just couldn't wait any longer and those knockoffs in the supermarket just didn't satisfy my addiction.

My favorite has always been the peanut butter patties, I could eat a whole box and hoard them away as a kid I didn't like to share them with anyone.

In this roundup that is by far my favorite girl scout cookie homemade.

I had to go back in time to some of the retired cookies that are favorites in the family.

The kids love those little powdered sugared coolers, they would eat them like candy!

In between those times when I can't get my cookie fix, I make these recipes.

Hope you find one as you stroll through my roundup that you like.

Some take a little time to do them, but sure worth the efforts, they are all delicious!

This is a collage of Girl Scout homemade cookies recipes, in this photo are knockoff samoas, shortbread trefoils, thin mints and peanut butter tagalongs


Zucchini Rollatini

Saturday, June 1, 2019
If love eggplant rollatini, this is a copycat version using fresh thinly sliced zucchini and very similar to that dish.

This is an easier method and my version and results are fabulous substituting zucchini for eggplant.

I love making these roll-ups into roses instead of filling and rolling it's so much easier.

The zucchini roses are filled with ricotta cheese, topped with even more cheese that makes this a mouthwatering side dish for any meal.

This is the perfect casserole all summer long for any picnic or backyard events.

The sauce can be freshly made marinara or any store-bought.

Zucchini is a delicious Italian style squash that can be transformed into a gourmet meal all in one dish.

Baked until the mozzarella cheese has a golden browned crust on top makes this over the top delicious.

There is step by step easy to follow instructions, don't miss trying this out.

Scroll down to the recipe card and print off the recipe, I can't wait to hear how much you love this recipe.

It's a summer family favorite.

this is how to make zucchini rollatini or zucchini rollups. These are stuffed with ricotta cheese in a white casserole dish topped with mozzarella melted cheeses and golden brown