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Patriotic Trifle with Blueberries Strawberries and Cream Recipe

Here is a simple throw together dessert to bring any picnic with a festive look for the Red, White and Blue Holiday look. Nothing much to this one except imagination. With layering you can turn this delicious trifle into a work of art. I am all about the taste more than the presentation. This pudding, cream and fruit will delight your guests and you don't have to make time to get it ready.  Even the kids can do this one. Do you want simple? You just found it!
Here's All You Need:

Store bought Angel Food Cake or Pound Cake
Your favorite Whipped Topping
Fresh Blueberries washed and dry
Fresh Strawberries hulled and sliced
Instant pudding such as coconut cream, vanilla or banana cream (use snack pack puddings in a hurry)

In a clear bowl, break up your cake and place some on the bottom. Now line the outside of the bowl with sliced strawberries so you can see them, add a few on top of the cake in the bowl. Spread the pudding on the cake and strawberry layer. Add more cake, sprinkle the blueberries along side of the bowl, some on the cake, more pudding on top. Last add the whipped topping, garnish with more blueberries and strawberries. There you have it!  Quick easy and everyone will love it!

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