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Marbled Natural Dyed Egg Art

I have always loved how these eggs look when you crack the shells and dye them. They especially look awesome made into deviled eggs. Oh course you can make them without using food coloring. Try using beet juice and other natural ingredients to dye them with as well.

Here are some natural dye suggestions if you prefer to not use food coloring agents: All you do is put each natural kind of coloring  into boiling water the longer you steep the eggs the stronger the colors. Sometimes you have to boil the actual vegetables first to release the  colors as I indicated below.

Beet Juice straight
Raspberry Juice straight
Instant Coffee with boiling water
Cranberry Juice straight
Ground Turmeric Boiled
Red Cabbage Leaves Boiled
Canned Blueberries using the juice and some boiling water
Grape Juice Straight
Chili Powder in Boiling water
Boiled Spinach Leaves
Boiled Carrots with Paprika
Cabernet Wine straight
Pomegranate Juice straight
Canned Cherries juice straight 
Yellow Apple Peels Boiled
Black Tea Boiled

I am sure there are many more. These are the ones I use to get blues, orange, brown, yellow, reds and purples.

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  1. Dear Claudia, Beautiful eggs.
    Wishing you a blessed and happy Easter my friend. xoxo Catherine


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