Apple Pie Upstate New York Recipe

Saturday, January 1, 2011

It so hard smelling this bake and not wanting to dig right in!  The love for family, friends and good healthy foods.When we go home to #uticany we go straight to Twin Orchards to buy our apples. Our favorite is Mcintosh, a little tart but the perfect baking apple in my opinion but you choose whatever you like!

Mom always made the best crust, then her filling was rich in cinnamon, brown sugar and butter.

We have many orchards there, one we lived near was Twin Orchards and they have every apple imaginable, we love fall for that reason. You can't get any fresher than that! The pies always are the best made with fresh apples. He just couldn't wait for me to make one!

Chad hadn't been back home in 16 years so he filled up his suitcase with everything and anything he could fit!

My son Chad just came back from vacationing in Utica NY, he brought me the NY State Apples, some Tomato Pie from Napolis'. I do make my own recipe for tomato pie, but there's always that one you grew up with that brings back awesome memories.
These are a delicious candy we love made in Rome N.Y. called Turkey Joints.  Another treat he brought back for me we had every year at Christmas.

 Chad just leave us a taste!  It wasn't even cooled off yet and he just dove right in! Not much was left for the rest of us. All I could do is smile, as he never even looked up and just kept eating! Thanks Chad, I loved everything from our home town and it made a special Christmas for all of us to have these again. As, promised here is his pie he wanted with the apples he brought back. That was a pretty heavy load to carry on the plane in his carry on bag!

Happy New Year 2011, we wish you all the best that the new year can bring to you and your family!

 Mom's Crust:

2 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon salt mix together with flour
2/3 cups shortening cut into the flour then add
4 1/2 tablespoons ice water
extra flour for rolling.
Mix till dough forms a ball...Roll out on floured board two 9 inch crust and line pie plate.
Brush bottom of crust with 1 tbsp melted butter.

Apple Pie Filling:
Peel, core and slice into thick wedges 8 baking apples. I use Mcintosh!

In a bowl add:

1/4 cup of flour
1 teaspoon lemon juice
2 teaspoons of cinnamon
1/4 cup of water
3/4 cup of sugar
Mix all together.

Roll 1/2 the dough out to fit your pan. Pour apples onto crust. Roll out remaining dough to fit the top. Dot with slices of butter.  Sprinkle with 2 tablespoons of  milk and  1 tablespoon of granulated sugar mixed with 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon. Bake at 375 until lightly browned . Cool and slice. Serve with vanilla ice cream or plain.


  1. Nice pie (the pizza AND the apple!) Woohoo to 2011!

  2. What a great visit! The pie is pure gold, apple pie is ALWAYS the best one to have for dinner. Happy New Year to you and your family, may your dream of more cooking and family play out in 2011.

  3. You can't go wrong with apple pie! It's a treat that everyone loves! Have a blessed and Happy New Year Claudia! xoxo

  4. That apple pie looks so delicious and I just imagine it fresh out of the oven and warm... ideal for this time of year! Happy New Year!

  5. Your pie looks wonderful...and from that picture of Chad, it must have been delicious!!!

  6. delicious apple pie perfect dessert for the cold

  7. Now this pie sounds divine! Have a happy new year dear!

  8. The apple pie looks excellent with richly spiced filling!
    I don't have any NY resolution this year...but I love yours. :-))

  9. Claudia, I do not understand how your New Year's resolution could be to cook more - you are practically a one-woman restaurant as it is!! lol. Happy happy New Year my friend! xoxo

  10. I think apple pie has to be everyones favorite. This one has a beautiful golden color.


  11. Apple Pie is always a hit!!! Looks so good and juice!!!Yum!

  12. There's not much of anything better than the classic home made apple pie. Thanks for posting!

  13. I love apple pie, and yours looks incredible!

  14. Apple's a classic. Looks just lovely.

  15. Gosh Claudia! That pie looks amazing.
    I'll take a piece with a nice hefty chunk of tomato pie. You can't beat the tomato pie in Upstate NY. :)

  16. Claudia, your Chad looks like a smart young man who enjoys his food, especially those dishes that you prepare! My husband went to school at SUNY Oswego and taught school for his first job on Long Island. He said this is a famous recipe that I must make someday! Thanks for sharing! Love, Roz

  17. Claudia, I happily buzzed you on this one. Well done my friend. I am wiping the drool off my computer screen as we speak.

  18. I just love how your recipes are so homey,simple and delicious! I'm definitely sticking with this apple pie recipe. I love it!

  19. This does tell a story about how a child brought ingredients to his mom from near and far so he could enjoy her lovely kitchen creations! You should be proud that your son cherishes your cooking so much, but hey I definitely think he is on to many delicious somethings...
    Now I have the key to another one of your delicious somethings-this lovely apple pie!

  20. I'm so happy that you had such a great visit!

    I also want apple pie now. This looks great, Claudia. I rarely make home made apple pie for some reason. Maybe I need to start :-)

  21. Oh man, with that much cinnamon, this is heaven for me! I love, love, love apple pie.
    16 years is such a long time!

  22. Love the generous amount of cinnamon. Looks like a real winner! Thanks for supporting local food!!

  23. This pie looks so good, how nice that your son came home and brought such great things he knew you would love. Happy New Year to you and yours :)

  24. I LOVE apple pie and this certainly looks right up my alley. Congratulations on Top 9 love well done! Sending you lots of air hugs, have a beautiful day Claudia =]

  25. Oh wow this apple pie looks to die for! Upstate NY apples really are truly delicious =)


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