Father's Day and My Dad's Favorite Recipes

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
This is a great roundup of my dear dad favorite recipes.

He passed away in 1995, but his memory will always be with me in the kitchen.

These were recipes I made with my mom for years on Father's Day.

Dad will always be in my heart, my teacher, best friend and I miss him dearly.

It's always hard to write about people you miss on a daily basis but my tribute is to him will always be, it was an honor to be his daughter.

I was very lucky growing up with such a great dad.

Hope you enjoy some of his favorites as you stroll through my roundup of memories.

Dad is will me always in spirit, and I continue to make his favorites every year for my family in his memory.

My Dad has had a love for mom's cooking, one of his favorites was her lasagna.

Raspberry was his favorite pie and he loved having his steak on Saturday nights.

Being Italian Dad was a big fan of all kinds of pasta.

Stroll through and click on the highlighted links to get all the recipes.

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there.

this is a collage of Father's Day and my Dad's favorite recipes

Mom's Lasagna

this is a photo of mom's lasagna

Home Pizza Dough Recipe

this is how to make homemade pizza dough and the recipe

Sirloin Steak Marsala

this is a sirloin steak with Marsala

Lemon Cutlets

lemon cutlets that mom made with lemons on top in a white casserole dish

Grandma (Dad's Mom) Homemade Pasta

this is a photo of eggs noodles homemade

Mom's Sunday Morning Italian Meatballs

Traditional Sunday Italian Sauce

homemade Italian sauce

Dad's Favorite Marinara Sauce

this is a photo of marinara sauce homemade with fresh tomatoes

Grandma's Chicken and Peas

this is a photo of chicken sauce and peas

Italian Escarole and Beans

Grandma's Old Fashioned Chicken Soup

this is homemade chicken soup photo

Fried Cauliflower

this is a fried cauliflower photo

Mom's Frittata

Dad's Favorite Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Foods

this is a collage of Italian Christmas Eve and Christmas day recipes

Red Raspberry Galette

this is a photo of a raspberry filled pastry dough

Old Fashioned Coconut Cream Pie

this is a photo of coconut cream pie

Mom's Peanut Brittle

this is a photo of peanut brittle

Cannoli Recipe

this is a photo of an Italian pastry called cannoli

Upstate New York Apple Pie

a photo of my dad and I as a child in black and white

My Dad Tribute

Hold on to every precious moment.

All Dad's are special, he is part of why your here.

Love each day you have together and make beautiful memories to last a lifetime. I did.

Happy Father's Day to the best dad a girl could ever ask for. RIP Dad.

Gone but never forgotten, in my heart always.

That photo was the beginning of a great relationship that lasted 38 years of my life.

Dad, my best friend, great listener, supporter and one who loved his family unconditionally, that was my Dad, Carmen Louis Colenzo.

For me one of the greatest men on the planet.

this is a photo of my dad back in  1980

What made him so special?

His unconditional love, patience, and he never judged anyone.

He was there for everyone and anyone in their time of need and always there to help, even strangers.

At age 82, August 12th, 1995, the angels came and took him from us.

His spirit lives on in each of us children left behind, we all lost a great man that day in our family.

Amazing how he never complained, his kindness and generosity was stellar.

He lived life with a smile, loved his wife, children, family, and friends, worked extremely hard for what he had and most of all appreciated everything anyone did for him with deep gratitude.

Dad went fast, a stroke took him and within two weeks of its onset, with some minor suffering, he went peacefully.

RIP Dad, hope you are having a beer, playing some pinochle card games up there with mom and many friends. Just hoping you know how missed you are today and always.

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  1. A delicious roundup! I want some chicken Marsala!

  2. This is a wonderful tribute to your dad who was obviously well loved. Happy fathers Day to all the special dad's out there.

  3. No doubt your love for great food was instilled in you by your Dad! These are some great selections. I do feel blessed that my parents are still around but yet I know that these type days can be difficult for some. My husband's parents are not
    around. Have a great day Claudia.

  4. Mmmm... yummy yummy chicken! Love Marsala, a lovely wine.

  5. Thank you for sharing your dad with us for a moment, Claudia. :-)

  6. What a wonderful tribute to your sweet dad. It sounds like he was both an amazing father and man. And I can see a lot of his traits in you!

    PS...you would LOVE Normandy! I hope you can get there some day~

  7. Such a great roundup and a wonderful tribute to your dad! All the dishes look wonderful…especially the chicken marsala!

  8. What an amazing list of recipes. I can see why they were your Dad's favorites. So sweet that you dedicated this post to his likes.

  9. What a special tribute for a special man! Great collection of family recipes. So much love in these recipes. <3


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