Best Italian Mother's Day Recipes

Saturday, May 12, 2018
Mother's Day was always a unique and special day for me when my Mom was still alive. Every year I dedicate one of her favorite recipes to her. Although she lives on in my kitchen and many of yours, it will never be as sweet as the beautiful memories I have of her growing up and making something special. I was always proud to show her how well she taught me. She has been gone since 1999 but her spirit and love surrounds me in the kitchen. I decided to do this recipe round up in her memory. These are the Best Italian Mother's Day Recipes I made through years past and still today.

You can choose a Italian Specialty of your choice. We love all of these. Mom's favorite on Mother's Day was the cannoli french toast. It has to be made with Italian bread so don't substitute!
She also loved the greens and potato frittata. I use to like making a few of everything on the list all week long to celebrate Mother's Day. Check out this delicious menu and Happy Mother's Day to all mom's, grandmother's and loving stepmom's out there. Enjoy every moment you have with each other. It goes by fast.

this is an Italian Zucchini and Plum tomato quiche with a crust made with eggs and cheese

Italian Potato Frittata

This is a potato and egg made in a fry pan with melted cheese on top called an Italian Frittata and Italian speciality for breakfast

Zucchini Tomato Tart

this is an Italian Zucchini and Plum tomato quiche with a crust made with eggs and cheese

Cannoli French Toast

this is cannoli stuffed french toast with strawberries, Italian bread stuffed with ricotta cheese, chocolate chips topped with puree

Blueberry Strawberry Heart Scones

this is a buttery breakfast scone with blueberries, orange and strawberry for breakfast or brunch

Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes

these are ricotta blueberry pancakes on a white plate with butter and maple syrup

Chocolate Nutella Banana Crepes

these are a chocolate crepe stuffed with bananas nutella and topped with whipped cream on a plate

Italian Plum Tomato and Prosciutto Pie

this is a baked crust filled with prosciutto cheeses and baked with eggs in a quiche style pie plate

Red Velvet Pancakes

These are heart shaped red velvet pancakes with whipped cream and a cherry on tops sprinkle with powdered sugar on a plate for breakfast or brunch

Strawberry Mini Puff Pancakes

these are mini strawberry puffed pancakes with cream and puree made in a cupcake tin


Angie Schneider said...

Everything looks so yummy, Claudia. Happy Mother's Day!

Big Dude said...

They all good good to me.

Catherine said...

Happy Mother's Day Dear Claudia. xoxo Catherine

2pots2cook said...

So glad to find you ! Keeper it is !

Liz Berg said...

SO many yummy recipes! Perfect for Mother's Day. I hope someone cooked for you!!! xo

Liz Berg said...

Wow! What an amazing round up of recipes for Mother's Day! I hope someone cooked for you!!! xo

Veena Azmanov said...

Ah such lovely recipes. This look so delicious. I would love zucchini tomato tarts and nutella pancakes for my breakfast. Saving this for later. Happy Mothers Day

Carmy said...

You are calling my name with that cannoli french toast! I wish I had known about it earlier because these would have made for the perfect weekend brunch.

@JodiDanenRD said...

What a wonderful post in honor of Mother's Day! I love our line about keeping her memory alive in the kitchen. These recipes all look amazing too. :)

Ruchi said...

Mothers day is a beautiful holiday and i love how you dedicated this roundup to your mom. Great recipes and memories that stand behind them!

Marisa Franca @ Allourway said...

Oh, yum!! All of the recipes sound delicious. My mamma was more of a savory person than sweets. She loved the soups that we made for her and she loved the breads that we baked. Yep!! Mamma's are special.

Catherine said...

Dear Claudia, what a wonderful roundup for Mother's Day! I'm sure these recipes would make anyone's day. I hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day dear. XO

Heather said...

So many amazing recipes .. everything looks delicious and you know they were all made with love :)

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

Such delicious dishes and what a nice tribute to your mother. Hope you had a lovely day.

Pam said...

It all looks great, and I'd like to sample it all! Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Neha said...

It all looks superb Claudia! I am already dreaming about those chocolate banana nutella crepes. Don't even want to wait till tomorrow morning! I think my dinner today is sorted! ;)

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