Loaded Boiled Potato Recipe

Friday, June 17, 2016

Yes boiled potatoes gone wild! Check out the quick and easy way to make a boiled potato into a scrumptious spud! Perfect quick side dish for any meal!

Loaded Boiled Potato Recipe

Shredded sharp cheddar
Bacon crumbled
Salt Pepper to taste
Sour Cream 

Boil as many cut up potatoes you need for your size family, drain and place in a bowl. Add a few tablespoons butter.  Sprinkle with  bacon, toss with shredded cheddar. salt and pepper to taste. Top with sour cream and serve.


  1. Un piatto davvero saporito! I love potatoes, this is a really nice dish Claudia! ♥

  2. These look amazing! And I have all the ingredients on hand :)


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