Air Fried Tacos

Saturday, December 29, 2018
These air fryer tacos are a healthier version of a deep-fried taco with all the best flavors.

They are easily made with a flour tortilla, filled, rolled, and air fried.

A low carb easy innovative way to cook in no time.

You can also cut calories by using cooking oils. Air frying still remains, crunchy and tastes great.

Check out this easy recipe for an Air fried taco that similar in taste to a chimichanga made healthily and if you don't have an air fryer no problem, just bake them and the instructions is in the recipe card below!

We love to use this Southwest Bean Filling also in our Air Fried Tacos and make Air Fried Potatoes as a side dish.

Then for dessert try our Air Fried Hand Pies!

A true example of delicious Mexican American food made easy and fast with a few ingredients.

Scroll down to the bottom for the printable recipe but do take a look at the many suggestions and tips.

these are an air fried taco on a white plate . A healthy fried taco with a chicken and refried bean filling inside a flour torilla then air fried in  the air fryer. These also have parsley on the plate with hot sauce as a garnish.


Holiday Cannoli Mousse

Wednesday, December 19, 2018
Holiday Cannoli Mousse is elegant to serve and a no-bake fabulous addition to any dessert table all year long!

What's better than a no-bake dessert at Christmas time when you're so busy?

Cannoli Mousse is that wow factor dessert that will give your family, friends that special dessert that you've been looking for.

Look no further, you have the easiest dessert you will ever make and taste like a deconstructed Italian cannoli.

This mousse is so smooth, creamy and just the perfect flavors. I just can't get enough of this dessert.

I made it festive for the holiday table for a festive look and a quick way to have an elegant dessert in no time.
Thank, me later! Your welcome!

Just scroll down to the recipe card and print it off it's that simple if you don't want to read all my wonderful reasons why I love this dessert so much.


Grandma's Italian Chocolate Spice Cookies

Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Grandma's Italian Chocolate Spice Cookies is on every holiday Christmas cookie tray every year without fail.

I think just about everyone in Upstate New York especially in the Utica, New York area, makes these cookies for Christmas and wedding trays.

These chocolate cookies have a sweet chocolate spiced flavor and a perfect fall flavored cookie.

Decorated with a delicious white homemade easy frosting, it adds just the right blanket of snowy feel to bring a feeling of winter comfort to the cookie tray.

Of course being such a popular cookie on an Italian wedding trays and local bakeries, these were referred to as meatball cookies, maybe a little a more familiar name for you.

As most kids back in the 1960s we seem to all have different names for our Italian foods in every household.

You may even have named them something different like frosted chocolate balls, spiced chocolate cookies or maybe just those chocolate chocolate chip cinnamon balls.

These cookies ended up being the most popular for my kids growing up and their favorites.

We also make 24 different kinds every year and still do along with Girl Scout Copycat Cookies and a few other favorite childhood cookies!

It doesn't matter who or what you named these, they are a must make and wonderful memory or my childhood cooking baking days at Christmas time.

This recipe is simple, just scroll down to the recipe card and print it off.

this is a recipe on how to make a chocolate Italian spice cookie these cookies have cinnamon in them and chocolate. They are frosted with a white frosting and are a popular Italian Christmas Cookie


Christmas Spinach and Egg Breakfast

Friday, December 14, 2018

It's the most beautiful time of the year. I love making things festive looking and especially the foods we eat. This Christmas spinach and egg breakfast - brunch just shouts with holiday colors and cheer! We love the flavors and you can totally adapt by adding anything else you love with this basic holiday breakfast.

Every year we make something special and usually coordinates the colors to match the Holiday. This year being everyone loves poached eggs, I added the spinach and tomato for color. The cheese just adds an additional awesome flavor to this dish that everyone just goes crazy for.

I really love the buttery taste of the poached eggs on Italian toast with the spinach and tomato. All the flavors go perfect together and easy to makeChristmastas morning is usually so busy with the kids, no one remembers to eat. This usually ends up a brunch. We really celebrate all day long, this is the perfect beginning to start the day.

This is how to make poached eggs with spinach, tomato and cheese on toast for breakfast on Christmas morning


Baked Fish with Roasted Vegetables

Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Baked Cod with roasted vegetables has always been such a favorite seafood of ours.

The spinach and tomato are a great addition added to flavor the cod.

We prepare it so many ways but this one is the one we make most often and the best part is you can use any kind of fish you really like.

This basic recipe is great with so many kinds of seafood including shellfish.

This seafood meal is topped with a Parmesan crust and a delicious mound of roasted vegetables on top.

Then added toasted bread crumbs on a bed of sauteed spinach makes this simple but so gourmet.

This meal is easy to make and perfect at any time of the year for any seafood lover.

I also give suggestions and substitution ideas if you're not a fish lover or have an allergy to seafood.

It truly is a delightful recipe, scroll down and see why it's tops in our home.

This is a baked cod fish on a white plate with a fall orange leaf basket in the background, a blue water glass and fork with napkin. The plate has a bed of spinach topped with baked cod fish with roasted vegetables on top along with bread crumbs toasted with Parmesan cheese and sliced tomatoes.


Cookie Cutter Pancakes

Saturday, December 8, 2018
Cookie Cutter Pancakes are always the perfect treats for all your little Elves and Santa to enjoy!

The young at heart also gets a big kick out of this creative way to serve pancakes and cut out toast for the Holiday Season.

These are great for any occasion like birthday, anniversaries or anything special for breakfast, fun, simple and nothing says I love you more than homemade foods!

The kids love coming up with different shapes from animals to holiday shapes and can even use any squeeze bottle and squeeze the shapes you like.

This is so easy, you don't have to be an artist to make Character shaped pancakes like Micky Mouse or Minnie you just need to decorate the 3 round shapes you make.

Just take a look at the photos.

I used a dollar tree squeeze bottle for ketchup to make the ears and head then just decorated with dried fruits and chocolate chips.

Cutout foods are really personalized, you can find some really cute idea to make the best little treats and keep any day special!

Check out my creative ideas, and remember, they have to be a metal, don't use plastic cookie cutters they will melt!

this is how to make homemade cookie cutter pancakes using a homemade recipe from scratch for the Christmas Holiday season.


Christmas White Chocolate Peanut Butter Krispies

Friday, December 7, 2018
Here is a favorite Holiday candy-cookie, we make every year.

White chocolate with peanut butter, marshmallows, and Rice Krispies. Creamy, smooth decadent and a divine confection. Plus the bonus making this, they're a no-bake treat.

Back in the 1970s, we loved a candy called boyer smoothie cups, maybe some of my readers remember them. I was a huge fan of those.

Well, these reminded me of those little candy cups ( just minus the marshmallows) when I first made them back in 2009 they brought me back to that taste of my childhood favorite candy bar.

This year, I decided these clusters needed to be dressed up for the Christmas holiday. These are the perfect addition to our candy or cookie trays.

these are how to make a white chocolate and peanut butter krispie treat with marshmallows. They are on a Holiday Christmas plate with a Santa face on it. The candy style cookies has festive red and green sprinkles on top


Mom's Frittata

Wednesday, December 5, 2018
This is a baked frittata with eggs, cheese, and just about anything else you want to throw into the casserole-style breakfast.

Mom's Egg Frittata is one of the best Italian comfort foods. This is a traditional authentic old-world Italian breakfast.

The pepperoni and eggs with potatoes are so delicious anytime and even in a sandwich with toasted Italian bread.

There are so many variations to the recipe, we decided instead of standing in front of the stovetop to make an easier no-fuss version in the oven.

Breakfast, brunch, or just a quick mid-afternoon Sunday dinner, this frittata is an economical way to throw together a fast meal and feed many.

It is so delicious and simple using all in one pan with potatoes, eggs, and meat or baked as a casserole.

The one memory that really stands out for me is holiday time, this was mom's go-to recipe especially on any holiday or weekend we had sleepover company visiting.

If you love breakfast for dinner, try our Buttermilk Pancakes, Breakfast Savory Pork Sausage or Homemade Italian Sausage Patties those are other favorites of ours.

Fritta sometimes had what mom would say everything but the kitchen sink in it and it was a great way to get rid of almost expired meats in the refrigerator, the good old days for sure with memories as a family.

Scroll to the bottom for all my additional suggestions and print off the recipe card.

This is a baked frittata with melted cheeses on top. This frittata is mom's recipe and baked in the oven as an alternative to pan fried on the stove top. It has potatoes, pepperoni and eggs in it.


Fried Venison Steaks

Saturday, December 1, 2018
Pan-fried Venison steaks taste just like regular beef when prepared right.

My husband is the hunter in the family and it's been a while since he brought deer meat home.

He was lucky enough to have a fellow Utican friend, Kevin, that gave him some venison steaks he had in his freezer to give us.

My husband's dad, (who is also is a hunter and owns land in Rome, New York), also hooked us up with some deer meat.

When I first made venison fried, I just shook them in flour and seasoning, they were good but not over the top great like this recipe.

Then it dawned on me, why aren't I using my coating that I use on regular steaks and chicken.

The only difference for this meat is I dip the steaks into buttermilk, then seasoned flour and in another plate of breadcrumbs or cracker crumbs.

First I marinade the meat and with all the flavors, it was a huge win for these steaks.

What a difference, so juicy and tender, my husband gave them a thumbs-up approval.

This is is almost like making Chicken fried chicken using Venison steak.

If you are looking for the perfect recipe for your deer meat, this is it.

Scroll to the recipe card at the bottom for the printable recipe.

these are fried venison cutlets sitting on top of foil after they are fried. They are crispy golden browned deer meat cutlets that have been marinated and coated with cracker crumbs