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Tropical Beach Spa Cake Recipe With Samantha

There are times in our lives we just have to find something special to cook up to make a lasting memory.  Really what better when then in the kitchen I always say! Well this was it! My niece  Pamela, her husband Bruce and their two kids came to visit me from Upstate New York this week.  Samantha my great niece and  their little junior cook did a marvelous job with some direction making this adorable cake. I was so proud of her I had to show you our yummy project and how easy this one is to do.
 We had so much fun making this little tropical spa beach cake!

I just love that excitement and how she lit up with that beautiful smile on her face as things were coming together,  you can tell she was having so much fun which made this all the more fun for me to watch and a day I will always remember. 

I frosted the cake getting it ready for her to decorate.

Can you tell she was intense making sure everything piece was perfect? She broke off the pieces to fit the sides of the cake all the way around. Then started to add the rest of the ingredients that took less that a half hour to complete. She could hardly wait to eat it!

So here's what Samantha did to make this adorable Tropical beach cake:

Hershey mini bars
Peach gummy rings
mini bear cookies
graham cracker crumbs
2 umbrella decorations usually found in the drink section of the supermarket
kit kat mini bars
blue canned frosting

Bake any kind of cake you would like in an 9 inch round pan. Cool completely. 
Frost the whole cake blue. Place the kit kat bars cut side down to cover the sides.
Generously cover one small side of the cake with crushed graham crackers. Place 5 rings on the blue water looking side. Insert a bears into each ring. Using the hershey bars, break off 3 small sections and then lay them on the graham cracker crumbs beach side. Place a bear on top of the chocolate piece laying down. Position the umbrellas on each side.

Hope you all had fun reading about our little project we did together and we both hope you all get to try this some time! 

Thank you Samantha for making this beautiful memory with me that I will cherish forever... love you always your
Aunt +claudia lamascolo  Author

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