4th of July Cheesecake Pie Recipe

Every year I try to make some festive desserts. Usually cupcakes, cookies or filled watermelons. This year I thought everyone would enjoy cheese pie since its easy to throw together and refreshing. Wishing all my readers a safe Holiday weekend.

4th of July Cheesecake Pie Recipe 

What you will need:

Fruit Topping:

Sliced Strawberries

Fresh Blueberries
Strawberry and Blueberries jams or syrups

2 - 9 inch store bought or my homemade deep dish pie crusts CLICK HERE baked and cooled

Garnishing the top:

Star cookie cutter
1 package of premade pie crust or homemade pie crust
crimping tool for finished edges for the pie crust


2 packages cheesecake pudding pie filling mix made to package instructions
3 tablespoon whipped cream cheese

Bake pie shell crusts to instructions cool completely.

On a floured board cut out strips of pie crusts with a crimping tool make ten of the strips. Place on a parchment lined baking sheet.

Make 10 small cookie cutter stars. Place on the parchment paper. Bake at 350 until edges start to brown. Around 11 minutes. Cool completely.

Make filling to package instructions with the addition of cream cheese added. Set aside.

In the mean time slice the strawberries around 1 quart size. Wash blueberries set aside blotted dry.

Pour the filling into each crust evenly divided.

Arrange fruit on top. Warm the jam in the microwave around 30 seconds. Brush each fruit with coordinating jam flavors. Arrange star on top and strips of baked pie crust for garnish.


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Liz Berg said...

Such a fun and festive idea!!! This would be perfect for Memorial Day!!!