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Freeze Your Mango For Later Video

Now you can have mango all year long, take a look at my tips for keeping this fresh and at your fingertips in the winter! Thanks for stopping by, Claudia

I love the taste of mango just the way it is. If you live in the South you will see if everywhere, on roadside, in many backyards and an abundance at farmers markets. I usually have so much mango during the summer I had to figure out how to preserve it all year long and viola it freezes perfectly! There are so many uses for mango so don't miss a chance to try it if you have never eaten it. Also another tip: mango is the sweetest when it's a little soft to the touch. 

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Freeze Your Mango For Later Video

1. I cut the skin off first. Cut up the mango by  slicing from the top down side ways not hitting the pit 
2. Then cut into cubes
3. Lay it on a parchment lined cookie sheet
4. Freeze the cubes for around 12 hours. Add to freezer bags and label Mango on the bags.

Your mango now can be use later in cakes, pies, salsa, muffins, smoothies all winter long right from the freezer in whatever you like!


  1. Lucky you with all the fresh mangoes! Such a wonderful tip so you can enjoy all year long!

  2. Yes, I agree with Liz! Definitely not here in the Midwest backyards. Great for year round!


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