Cake Mix Crinkle Cookies

Tuesday, December 18, 2012
I have never had good luck with crinkle cookies, they never come out right. These are full proof. Anyone that has tried the recipe swears by how easy and perfect they come. Well I have to agree with everyone.  They are simple and goof proof
don't you just love those kinds of recipes. Can't wait to try them in chocolate now!

So glad I tried these, you will be glad you did too!

1 8oz tub of cool whip thawed
1 package of cake mix any flavor you like (shown are lemon cake mix cookies)
1 cup powdered sugar
2 eggs

Mix cool whip, eggs and cake mix together. Freeze around an hour. Using a small melon ball scooper, roll into the powdered sugar. Place cookies on parchment lined cookie sheet, return batter in between baking to the freezer for easy molding. Bake at 350 degree hot oven for 8 to 10 minutes.
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  1. Hi Claudia, your cookies look tempting. I've not try any cake mix for cookies, thanks for sharing your simple but delicious recipe.

    Have a great week ahead,regards.

  2. Claudia,
    Your crinkle cookies look great. I use SP Cookie Queen's Chocolate Crinkle recipe. Works like a charm every time!

  3. Easy and beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Claudia!!!

  4. Wow, even a non-baker like me could make these. I might have to make a batch of these as we haven't even begun Christmas baking yet.

  5. I am at the stage where simple is best. Love the looks of these and yes - the ease.

  6. You didn't say if the cool whip is thawed or not. I'm assuming it's not.

  7. I'm never tried to make crinkle cookies but, thanks to you, when I do they'll come out right.

  8. I don't bake a lot of cookies, but if you say that these are fool-proof, I'll add them to my list of those that I need to bake! Hope you're having a blessed Christmas season, Claudia!


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