Healthier Baked Barbecued Chicken Leg Recipe

Saturday, July 4, 2015

A little trick I use to get the fat out then pour your favorite sauce on top and then find out what else I do to make these healthier baked chicken legs over the top delicious!

Healthier Baked Barbecued Chicken Leg Recipe

12 to 24 Chicken legs skinless (or with skin on I make both as I do not eat the skin some people love the skin crispy.)

Salt, pepper, granulated garlic powder

In a large saucepot to accommodate all your legs, add water to the pot and boil the legs for around 40 minutes simmering on low. Save the broth for soup later.
Place precooked legs on a large aluminium foil oil sprayed baking sheet adding the spices.
Bake around 10 minutes at 400 degrees. Add the barbecue sauce of choice and broil the tops until its starts to get almost a sizzling grilled look. Cook longer for crispy skin if you leave it on.

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