Valentine's Day Special Recipe Roundup

Saturday, February 3, 2018
If you're looking for Valentine's Day food recipes and ideas, look no further check out this Valentine's Day special recipe roundup. There is something easy to elegant dining and more for that special someone out there that will love any of these!


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                                     Covered Strawberries

                                         Crab and Shrimp

                                             Italian Strawberry Cake 

                                                     Three Olive Appetizer


                                         Italian cookie cutouts

                                                           Scallops with Balsamic
                                             Rocky Road Cupcakes



Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovers out there! Thanks for stopping by today. I sure hope you found something delicious you can't wait to make.

My favorite is always the fillet with crab and shrimp. The first time I made that when my husband and I were dating,

 I think that's what made me a keeper (smile). Of course, now it's expected but he happened to be the best soul mate I could ever ask for.

My other recommendation would be to invest in a small heart shaped pan. The table looks so festive when you invest in shaped pans.

 Check out my Shop with me at the top of the page and go through my shop to see what they may have for you.

Then the best way to end the night, a bottle of bubbly and some white chocolate covered strawberries dipped in it adding some red sugar crystals.

Can't you just picture the setting? I wish I had one more thing, a fireplace. Hope you have a delicious evening and I gave you some tips and great fun ideas!

                                                   Valentine's Day Chocolate Cream Pastry Heart


  1. I do need a heart shaped pan! So many yummy dishes for Valentine's Day!

  2. Hi Claudia, I've been so frustrated for not being able to comment on blogs, and reply back from my blog, and tried every which way since Chrome was blocking me from commenting. Now I switched over to Internet Explorer to see if I can comment from there, and it worked...strange, but true! I see all your yummy creations on Google+ which allows me to + and comment, but I did miss the actual commenting on blogs like in the past! Thanks for sharing all the amazing and yummy desserts and appetizers, can't wait to try your brownies, especially! Hugs,


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