15 One Pan Recipes

Tuesday, March 31, 2020
This is a roundup of delicious one-pan meals that have been the most asked for in our family as far back to the 1960s when mom used to make them.

You will find some new and old recipes that have been adapted to feed a large family economically with some great ideas when looking for something old or new to try.

Growing up we love tuna casserole but as time went on, the chicken was another idea to add as a substitute.

All these recipes can be adapted to satisfy your family's taste buds.

We love roundups like this for dinner ideas maybe you may remember our 20 kinds of beans or our 15 kinds of pasta recipes.

They're all easy recipes to follow and made with simple ingredients like our Polenta with Meat Sauce and Greens and Beans which are two others we love.

Get creative and try other meats, make them all vegetarian, or just get some great ideas below.

Scroll through this great roundup of one-pan recipes and enjoy these tried and true recipes.

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this is a chicken and potato casserole made like a pizza with sauce and cheese on top

This is a delicious chicken, potatoes with tomato sauce and cheese casserole.

Chicken and Potatoes Pizza Style Casserole

this is a casserole with chicken carrots, peppers and potatoes.

This casserole is with chicken, carrots peppers, and potatoes.

Baked Italian Chicken

this is chicken stuffed into zucchini with cheese and tomato sauce

The chicken is inside hollowed zucchini with cheese.

Chicken Parmesan Stuffed Zucchini

this is cabbage stuffed with meat and rice in a tomato sauce

These are cabbage rolls that are filled with rice and hamburger inside.

Italian Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

this is a one pan of fried rice

This pan of fried rice can have any meats or seafood added for a delicious one-pan meal.

Fried Rice

this is a pan or peas and pork to go over rice or pasta

This pork and peas in the sauce are perfect to pour over bread, rice or pasta.

Pork Peas in Sauce

this is a one pan spanish rice with tomatoes and peppers

This is an economical boiled white rice with tomatoes and peppers.

Mom's Spanish Rice

this is a Mexican layered tortilla casserole with beans and cheese

This is a flour tortilla baked casserole with chicken, beans, and rice.

Tex Mex Casserole

this is old fashioned chili con carne

Chunky old fashioned chili with beef and vegetables in a delicious sauce.

Old World Chili

this is sausage peppers and potato casserole

An Italian style casserole with sausage, peppers, and potatoes.

Baked Sausage Peppers and Potatoes

this is a soup made with 15 beans and sausage

Here is a hearty bowl of protein using 15 beans and Italian sausage.

15 Bean Italian Sausage Soup

this is baked macaroni and cheese with chicken in it

This baked casserole is delicious with melted cheese and chicken all in one-pan.

Mac and Cheese with Chicken Casserole

this is a chicken pineapple stir fry in an asian sauce

This stir fry has an Asian flavor with chicken, a little sweet sauce and pineapple.

Honey Pineapple Chicken Stir Fry

this is a tuna noodle casserole

This old fashioned favorite from the 1960s is all homemade with a no soup recipe tuna and pasta.

Tuna Noodle Casserole

this is a broccoli casserole with chicken and stuffing

A versatile casserole that has broccoli, cheese, stuffing, and chicken can be added for an all in one baked casserole.

Broccoli Cheese Casserole

More Recipes To Try

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this is a pin for later 15 recipes that are economical and casserole dishes


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  3. It all looks great! We like corn fritters but haven't had them in ages. I'd like to dig into that eggplant pizza right now!

  4. I love one pan recipes! They're so easy and make great dinner recipes!

  5. These recipes are perfect for on the go days! They all look super delicious!

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