Red White and Blue Recipe Roundup

Saturday, June 30, 2018
Trying to find some festive Patriotic recipe ideas for Memorial Day or the 4th of July?

Here is a great roundup of Red White and Blue Patriotic ways to wow your guests.

From savory to sweet, you will have a fun-filled Patriotic, flag-themed celebration for all your friends and family.

Every year we plan a large festive party at our home for the 4th of July.

Both my grown sons and their families join in by bringing all the fireworks.

I try and make a few new recipes every year that are festive in color to brighten the holiday tables.

This roundup is my go to article every year when I am looking for colorful creative foods!

My favorite is the flag dip and flag cheese pie for a great Red, White, and Blue Patriotic look.

I also coordinate the tablecloths, dishes and other party items to keep the theme in the spirit of this great Holiday.

I sure hope you all find something fun to make here in this delicious roundup of Red, White, and Blue themed fun and creative foods, Patriotic snacks, and Patriotic desserts.

Red, White and Blue American Patriotic parties are easy to do with some of these great party fun ideas for the 4th of July or Memorial Day.

If you're looking for festive ideas, you hit the jackpot here.

These Red, White and Blue recipes are sure to be a hit at any barbecue or backyard event!

Scroll down and check out all our favorite recipes that will wow everyone no matter how patriotic they are!

Have a safe and wonderful Holiday.

this is a dip with refried beans in a glass dish that has olives and tomatoes on top shaped in the a US flag


Mini Pizza Zucchini Appetizers

Thursday, June 28, 2018
Mini pizza zucchini appetizers are the perfect little bites when you are craving pizza for the healthiest alternative!

These are a delicious quick easy appetizer with a cheesy tomato sauce on top. They are the perfect starter appetizer to your meal or just a great little snack. They are just like eating a pizza without the crust all in one bite. A great little low-calorie pizza craving zucchini bite perfect for any dieter!

Let's face it, dieting is usually a chore and boring, these will satisfy your craving for pizza, you can add meat, leave it plain, use low calorie fat free substitutions.

Get creative the skys the limit. Just make these little zucchini pizza bites how you would top a pizza crust and enjoy the flavors!

Sliced thick zucchini made into mini pizza with sauce and mozzarella on topped then baked


Avocado Black Bean and Corn Salad

Friday, June 22, 2018

Avocado, Black Bean and Corn Salad
is a gluten free vegan recipe that is bursting with fresh and colorful flavors!
This is a delicious side dish that goes great at any picnic. It keeps great prepared even the day before and adding the dressing just before serving.
This is perfect for all in one bowl side dish for your family picnic, events and holiday get together's.

this is a bowl of Tex Mex style salad with black beans, chopped tomato, cubed cucumbers, shucked corn off the cob, avocado with a lime dressing this is almost like having an avocado and black bean salsa


Baked Barbecued Chicken

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Here's what you do when your party gets rained out! Baked barbecued chicken is the way to go.

It will save the day and everyone will swoon over this tender chicken.

You can't predict the weather so keep this recipe handy and print it off.

Don't let your party get ruined at the last minute.

This recipe for barbecue sauce is homemade and easy to make.

I just line a large pan with parchment paper for the chicken for easy cleanup, this recipe is the perfect solution to a ruined picnic.

Let's make your indoor picnic a smash hit for everyone to remember with this baked chicken.

Add some corn on the cob baked in foil, baked potatoes and you will save the day with a great meal!

 this is a delicious style barbecued baked chicken homemade sauce that is perfect for pork or chicken, beef and whatever you love barbecue sauce on. This is on chicken in a white bird corning ware dish made back in the 1970's.  Served on the 4th of July holiday basket


Garlic Parmesan Burgers with Creamy Lemon Spinach Sauce

Saturday, June 16, 2018
Here is a gourmet Garlic Parmesan Burger with a creamy lemon spinach sauce over the top just bursting with flavors!

If you're a spinach lover and love a good lemony cream sauce, you will love this burger.

My favorite part is the smoky flavored burger, a little heat from the radishes

Then with this creamy buttery delicious sauce that has with wilted fresh spinach on top, makes it over the top gourmet in every way.

It really is out of this world delicious!

This is a hamburger on a white plate with spinach lemon cream sauce over the top with a sprig of rosemary on the plate on a ciabatta roll


Parmesan Chicken Thighs with Herbs and Peppers

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
This Parmesan Chicken Thighs with Herbs and Peppers is a favorite baked chicken recipe that's bursting with flavor.

I love that it's crisp and baked in the oven.

The breadcrumbs are a tasty coating.

This chicken stays moist and is so tender baked and certainly healthier than fried with all the same great taste.

We love using chicken thighs in many recipes but this is one of the family favorites.

This is a pan of chicken thighs, legs and chicken breasts baked in the oven with parmesan and spices until crispy skin forms


Pizza Dough Recipes

Saturday, June 9, 2018
Pizza is one of my favorite foods, and Italian pizza dough is the only thing we use to make ours.

There are so many versions to make and ways to prepare it but using my Authentic Pizza Sauce is a must!

Pizza has styles, different tomato sauces, some are made with a rich garlic sauce called white pizza.

Margherita Pizza style pizza has just slices of tomatoes fresh basil and cheese.

The list goes on and there are so many topping variations to choose from.

Pizza is pure Italian comfort food at it's finest.

Create your own pizza on the flavors you like the best.

Remember recipes are basic to each Region in Italy, many are totally different.

Enjoy this delicious pizza dough recipe, there is nothing like fresh pizza dough and also try some of my hometown Utica, New York Style Recipes below!

Tomato Pie,Italian Greens Italian Lemon Ice,Pizza Fritta,Chicken Riggies,Manny's Cheesecake,Oscugnizzo Pizza,Pustiesand Rosato Chocolate Cookies.

Stroll down to the end to see two recipes that we love the most.


Easy Baked Banana Apple Pancake

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
These easy baked banana apple pancakes are the solution to not stand over a stovetop all morning for any reason!

I love them with a little sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar.

But there are so many ways to create your families favorite!

Just get creative and pick up a few ingredients and you can make everyone in your home happy with their favorite style pancake breakfast!

The pancakes that are baked in an oven and can be personalized to each individual person.

You can even set up a breakfast station with fruits, purees, whipped cream, jams, chocolate chips, nuts and even ice cream toppings for garnishing.

The kids love these and so do adults that want to make their favorite flavored pancakes they like.

It's perfect for entertaining guests staying for the weekend of sleepovers with the kid's friends, they all love this idea and my biscuit cinnamon rolls are another one to try.

I love baked breakfast recipes, you may remember my baked egg cupcakes?

Summers are supposed to be fun and adventurous and cooking can be a chore and time-consuming.

If you want an easy recipe, this is it and meat lovers you can add cooked meats on top!

Maybe you would like to try my Breakfast Homemade Pork Sausage Recipe?

These easy baked pancakes will be your new favorite summer recipe and will free up your time for more fun in the sun.

Scroll down for the recipe and check out the many tip suggestions below

this a collage of baked pancakes using a complete mix and topping this pancake with apples, banana, cinnamon and sugar in a casserole dish


Lady Finger Lemon Dessert

Sunday, June 3, 2018
I made this special Lady Finger Lemon Dessert for a family gathering on Memorial Day Weekend.

I wanted something special. This Lady Finger Lemon Dessert was worth a little extra time to make a special treat for the family.

We all live a distance between us, this was the perfect way to celebrate together with a special yummy dessert.

These Patriotic colors are great not only for Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veterans Day and Labor Day, but you can also switch up the colors of fruits on top to make it festive for any holiday event.

At Christmas time I love to make this green and red cherries on top and those go great with lemon also!

This dessert is a real show stopper and impressive, you're not going to believe how easy it is to make!

Take a look at the simple instructions on how to create this beautiful treat for your special family holiday and any occasion.

this is a layered cake trifle made in a springform pan. It has cake, lemon pudding, whipped cream, lady fingers around the edges and fresh raspberries, strawberries and blueberries on top. The cake is rich and elegant looking with a faux red diamond band all around and a Hawaiian lei around it on a red dish to serve it on