10 Leftover Turkey Recipes

Friday, November 19, 2021
Leftover Turkey can be used in just about all your favorite recipes, but sometimes we just can't figure out what to do with all of it so here are some great suggestions below for repurposing leftover holiday turkey.

We all love leftover turkey in a sandwich with maybe some cranberry sauce, delicious grain bread, or just plain classic mayonnaise with white bread, easy quick and the usual but that can get quite boring after the first two days.

First of all, if you have an overabundance of leftover turkey, separate the meat, add the white and dark into separate packages and yes you can refreeze it and use it in any of the recipes below for up to 2 months.

Seriously all these recipes from Mexican, Italian and American ideas to use up that leftover turkey area are all delicious.

Take a quick look at the recipes and pick out the one you like the best that suits your family taste buds.

The best part is you can use leftover chicken or other meats you may have in any of these recipes also, just they are all very versatile, just take a look at the suggestions below also within this collection.

We love using leftover turkey or chicken plain scallopini (if there are any) for Turkey Pot Pie or Hot Covered Turkey Sandwiches, those are just a few in the roundup below we love to make.

Scroll down to print off both easy recipes and let me know which one you like.

this is a collage of 10 leftover Turkey recipes

Variations and Leftover Turkey Ideas

Leftover turkey doesn't have to be boring, you can truly stretch your budget by making so many different recipes and never know it was from a previous meal.

These tried and true recipes are all delicious and we have adapted several other recipes through the years coming up with ideas not to get sick of eating turkey.

Just check out the list of photos and at the bottom more recipes we have added turkey to and changed up our regular recipes to fabulous and different just by using up the turkey from Thanksgiving or another holiday you've made it on.

Leftover Turkey Covered Sandwiches

delicious turkey recipes using leftover turkey

Leftover Turkey Soup

Leftover Turkey Pot Pie

turkey pot pie

Turkey Scallopini

turkey scallopini

Leftover Turkey Dumplings

turkey dumpling

Open-Faced Leftover Turkey Tortilla Wraps

tortilla with turkey

Leftover Turkey Chili

turkey chili with beans

Leftover Turkey Enchiladas

this is a casserole mexican style with turkey

Leftover Turkey, Cabbage, Rice and Bean Skillet

this is cabbage and rice with turkey

Leftover Tortilla Tex Mex Turkey Casserole

this is a tex mex casserole with turkey

Other Suggestions

  1. Substitute boneless cooked turkey in your favorite Chicken Soup recipe
  2. use leftover boneless turkey in your favorite Chicken Stew recipes
  3. instead of chicken Oriental Salad make turkey oriental salad or just add with celery, walnuts, grapes, and mayonnaise
  4. add chopped boneless turkey to Stuffed Chicken Peppers instead of chicken or beef
  5. leftover turkey is great in Fried Rice recipes
  6. leftover turkey can be used with store-bought Alfredo, any kind of gravy, or even  Italian Salsa add then served over pasta
  7. leftover turkey is the perfect substitute for Asian Chicken and Broccoli dishes over rice
  8. Tortilla Appetizer Pinwheels are another great way to use up turkey for snacks 
  9. Grind the turkey in a food processor for filling Stuffed Cabbage Rolls instead of beef
  10. One last thing, don't forget you can freeze individual portions of boneless turkey for up to 3 months and use it another time if you're ALL TURKIED OUT!

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