Cabbage, Beef, Rice and Bean Skillet

Wednesday, April 29, 2020
Here is an easy side dish all in one pan meal we make often called Cabbage, Beef, Rice, and Bean Skillet.

This skillet is perfect for weeknight meals a delicious addition to your quick recipe collection and any meat can be added even leftovers like boneless turkey, chicken, or pork cubed.

The meal is very economical, quick, and super easy loaded with vegetables and protein.

I have even used this recipe to make delicious air fried tacos, wraps, or using corn tortilla crumbled on top for another whole meal loaded like nachos.

One of my favorites easy dinners and can be transformed into several other kinds of meals!

Make sure you check out my suggestions for creating new meals to prepare with this great skillet!

If you're a cabbage lover you may also like my stuffed cabbage rolls and ham cabbage and potato soup!

Scroll down to the bottom for this yummy printable recipe to print off.

this is a red casserole dish filled with beans, rice cabbage and ground beef

Easy Skillet Recipe

I really feel guilty even calling this a recipe it's so simple.

It happened to be one of those days I have ground beef to use up along with chopped cabbage from making coleslaw.

I threw in a few other ingredients not knowing this would be a family favorite side dish.

With the addition of some other pantry ingredients, this can be anything from a whole dinner meal to a filling for tacos!

Make sure you check my many suggestions and uses for this skillet below.

Sometimes the tastiest recipes are made with just using what's in the refrigerator.

I have to admit I do get tired of coming up with something different, making the same thing year after year can be a little dull.

This skillet is a nice makeover to one-pan meals.

this is a red casserole dish with beans, rice and cabbage along with ground beef

Ingredients You Will Need to Make Cabbage Beef Rice and Bean Skillet

Scroll down to the recipe card for exact measurements and print them off

  • cabbage
  • ground beef, ground turkey, sausage, pepperoni, boneless cubed or shredded meats of any kind, hotdogs, kielbasa or for vegetarian leave out the meats
  • pinto beans or any other beans
  • white rice or brown rice
  • peppers
  • minced garlic
  • granulated garlic
  • olive oil
  • salt, pepper, cayenne pepper
  • Optional: chopped tomato, tomato sauce, artichokes hearts, hot peppers, chopped black, onions, chopped celery, julienned carrots, any cubed boneless meats of any kind or loose Italian sausage

this is a skillet with stir fry of beans, rice and cabbage and ground meat


  • Stir fry the cabbage to the desired doneness
  • Add more water if the cabbage isn't cooked or other liquids like broth
  • Use fresh dried beans cooked or canned
  • For quicker meals buy bagged coleslaw shredded cabbage
  • Use cooked rice made separately of any kind
  • Any boneless meats worked great with this skillet

this is shredded cabbage

Other Additions and Suggestions

  • Use this as a taco filling
  • Use any kind of beans you like black beans, red beans, chickpeas or white beans canned 
  • Use this skillet adding crushed tortilla on top cheese and sour cream and taco sauce
  • Make Nachos with the filling
  • The filling is greatly used with a wrap
  • Top the filling with shredded cheddar cheese bake it and serve with chopped tomatoes
  • Add stewed tomatoes to the skillet at the end
  • Add a small can of tomato sauce into the skillet mixture
  • Add chopped onion to the mixture while frying
  • Use hot peppers instead of bell peppers for a little kick
  • Top baked potatoes or mashed potatoes with this filling mixture and melted cheese on top
  • Use any meats ground or cubed you prefer
  • For Vegetarian omit the meats

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Get Creative

Whether you use this Cabbage, Beef, Rice, and Bean Skillet for a side dish, the entire meal, filling, or as a topping, this recipe is as versatile as it gets!

Easy to prepare and for so many uses.

If you think of more please share them in the comments I would love more suggestions.

Don't forget to try this filling in Air Fried Tacos, they are delicious!

Cabbage, Beef, Rice and Bean Skillet

Cabbage, Beef, Rice and Bean Skillet

Yield: 6
Prep time: 15 MCook time: 20 MTotal time: 35 M
This is a versatile skillet made with cabbage, beans, beef, and rice that can be anything from a side dish to a topping, filling and so much more. It's an easy one-pan meal that's perfect for folks on the go made quickly with several meal suggestions.


  • 4 cups shredded cabbage (or use bagged coleslaw
  • 1 pound ground beef, leftover turkey cubed, cubed boneless chicken, cubed boneless pork or steak, loose Italian sausage, ground turkey, pepperoni,  ham, hotdogs or kielbasa
  • 1 cup of  pinto beans or any other kinds of  beans you like
  •  1 cup cooked white rice or brown rice
  • 1 sliced and cored  bell peppers or hot peppers
  •  2 cloves minced garlic
  • 1 teaspoon  granulated garlic
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil or other oil
  •  salt, pepper, cayenne pepper to taste
  • water
  • Optional Additions and Topping Suggestions: chopped tomato, tomato sauce, artichokes hearts, hot peppers, chopped black, onions, chopped celery, julienned carrot, sour cream, taco sauce, cubed boneless meat of any kind
  • For Casserole: top with 2 cups of any shredded cheeses you like and bake until melted around 10 minutes.
  • For Filling:  Fill tacos, wraps, or use as a topping for nachos or mashed or baked potatoes.


  1. In a deep large frying pan, add oil and heat to medium adding the ground beef or whatever meat you prefer.
  2. Saute until the pink in the meat is gone.
  3. Add rinsed cabbage, 1/4 cup water, and any chopped vegetables using along with seasonings, salt, pepper to taste. 
  4. Saute the cabbage until wilted and cooked around 10 minutes.
  5. Cook rice to package instructions. Drain,
  6. Stir in the beans and rice into the cabbage mixture and if using diced tomatoes or tomato sauce stir in at this point until heated.
  7. If baking as a casserole top with shredded cheese and broil for 1 minute on high or until cheese melts.
  8. Serve as a side dish, main meal, taco filling,  in a wrap, nacho topping, or over mashed or baked potatoes.
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