Bundt Pan Roasted Chicken

Easy as can be,  bundt pan roasted chicken and the juiciest bird ever! I personally think this chicken came out great! It's juicy, moist and very flavorful. I can't wait to make it in all kinds of sauces!

There is one thing I love about cooking more than easy recipes, cleanup! This one is simple, easy to make, delicious and easy to clean!

If you don't have a bundt pan it's a must have! You can easily order one from my affliate shop above.

I really do love the flavors in this lemon, herb and spice chicken and lemon really keeps the juices flavored inside.

Bundt Pan Roasted Chicken

Check out some of the tips below. I love using this chicken on top of salads, sandwiches like paninis and the best way is fresh out of the oven.

 If you are lucky enough to have leftovers count on the best chicken salad you will ever make! Great flavors and so tender. You can also add the vegetables in the bottom!

Bundt Pan Roasted Chicken

Bundt Pan Roasted Chicken

I make sure to cover the hole in this bundt pan very well with parchment and then foil to make sure there is no leakage. I also like to tent it just folded over lightly making sure it doesn't splash all over. That was one of the tips I wrote down after I made it this way.

There are so many flavors you can try that you like. I listed some ideas in the main recipe. I have made this with mushrooms, peppers, tomato sauce over the top and it was excellent.

You will have to add the sauce the last 1/2 hour so it doesn't burn. Just roasted the chicken with peppers and mushrooms. That's a whole other meal Italian style!

Last this chicken making it this way makes the best leftovers as the taste is universal for chicken salads, pot pies or just topping salads. Fresh herbs always makes the best tasting roasted chicken. If you have to use dried make sure you put a good amount all over the bird. Fresh is heavier in flavors than dried.

Bundt Pan Roasted Chicken

Bundt Pan Roasted Chicken


Bundt Pan Roasted Chicken Recipe

Prepare the bundt pan with heavy duty foil and then parchment paper over the top hole of the bundt pan oil sprayed

Clean and wash the chicken

Place  chicken over the hole that was prepared with  foil to cover leakage

Spray the chicken with Butter flavored oil spray

Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil also lightly or spray with olive oil

For Italian Style: 
Rub a fresh clove of garlic all over the skin of the chicken or if you like you can just sprinkle it with granulated garlic, using 3 whole cloves inside the bird also under skin
 salt, pepper, to taste
evenly sprinkle:  oregano, fresh chopped basil, fresh chopped parsley, fresh sprigs of rosemary, 
 2 - fresh lemons juiced,  then quart ed ( I leave them in the pan while baking)
rosemary and Parmesan cheese all over the bird before baking. 

Note: always use fresh herbs when you can.

I add beer or white wine on the bottom and keep the pan moist.

You can also add lemon juice and water if you prefer.

Other Options to brush on top and assorted flavored chicken instead of herb flavored: 

Barbecue sauce, Soy Sauce and water mixed, 
Ranch dressing or Duck Sauce and grated orange rind. 

Or just sprinkle with whatever seasonings you like Cajun or Mexican style or even Asian flavors using soy sauce and oyster sauce. 

Lemon and garlic are our favorite.

Roast the chicken on 425 degrees until crispy around 1 hour or until juices run clear. If your bird isn't crispy enough but cooked, put under broiler for a few minutes on high.
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