Happy Halloween Spreadable Cheese Recipe Party Balls

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Nutty Pumpkinhead perfect for any fall party

Ok so it's  a little cheesey.....

Hope you like the recipe its so easy!

Nutty Cheese Spread

1 8oz package softened of cream cheese
1 8oz package cut up of sharp cheddar
1 8oz mozzarella shredded or cut up  Swiss
1/2 teaspoon each of garlic powder, paprika, Worcestershire sauce
 1 cup chopped pecans and walnuts mixed
Garnish and decorating:
sliced olives
roasted peppers

In a heavy duty mixer using the flat beater bar, beat everything together untilsmooth. Scoop onto wax paper shape into balls,( two large ) roll into chopped pecans. Cut tops off of pepperoncini for the stem on the pumpkins, use sliced olives for the eyes and red pepper strips cut into a smile for the mouth.
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  1. so cute and creative these cheese balls!happy halloweeeeeeeeeen!

  2. Claudia, cute party cheese balls for sure. Happy Halloween

  3. My only problem is it would be hard to dig into those cute little smiling faces! Neat idea!

  4. Very creative. It always tickles me to see halloween creations. ;)

  5. I love the cheese balls.
    I picked up some goat cheese today and was going to try to mix it up with rum and raisins or chambord and pineapple. Not sure how that will taste but it makes me want to have a party just to see how it goes over. Ted's not a good test subject because...believe it or not...he isn't crazy about goat cheese. I'll end up having to eat the concoctions all myself. Maybe not a bad thing. ;)

  6. Very cute! They have to be delicious! I would probably devour most of it before anyone could get near. Love all that cheese!

  7. they are so cute! I bet they're a hit at parties. Happy Halloween :)

  8. How cute are those! I love having cheese at a party and these look great for Halloween!

  9. Really adorable, especially the hats. Happy Halloween

  10. Everyone says they're cute but I'm finding them a bit scary actually...! I think it's the eyes.

    Hungry Jenny x

  11. Oh this is too much fun. So cute I almost couldn't eat them. Remember I said "almost."

  12. You're cheesehead balls look so delicious! I could eat them with a spoon! So cute.

  13. These are so cute! I love it when food looks like people... seriously. Growing up my grandma would make this Armenian sweetbread for us around Easter and she would shape the dough into people. My mom still humors us every Easter, haha :) I think these cheeseball heads would be perfect for a party, so playful!


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