Italian Merlot Chili

Thursday, January 4, 2018
I just love a big pot of Italian Merlot Chili when it's chilly out to warm you up! This is pure hot dish that pure comfort Italian food in one bowl. 

Bursting with rich tomato wine sauce this chili is sure to comfort everyone on a cold day

One thing I love about making chili is having leftovers, so make a big pot! I usually make double the amount. There is so much left, I will freeze some for another meal.

On several occasions when we have leftovers, I like to use it up on top of tortilla chips with all the toppings. Other times I put it over pasta or rice.

It's such a great starter for many meals. Anyway you serve it it's an all around great meal that goes a long way for a large family on a strict budget.

The flavors of the beef sauteed with garlic really kicks up the taste and then adding the wine, just puts this over the top.

Recently we had a great sale on fresh plum tomatoes, I just went crazy with buying them only 99 cents a pound! 

I try and grow my own every year but unfortunately this year the birds and blight got to my tomatoes. It was either way to hot out of too much rain. 

Either way I am fortunate enough to live in a warm area where vegetables are very reasonable. 

During the winter months it tends to get a bit chilly in Florida. So far to start off 2018 we here in Melbourne Florida got down to a chilling 37 degrees on January 4th.

 It made us not only put the heat on, start a fire place and get the electric blanket on but also cooking comfort meals. 

 We love that fresh taste of sauce, fresh herbs and chili was the craving of the day. 

Today we will be having Italian Merlot topped with mozzarella and garlic croutons! If you hate standing over a hot stove, just throw everything in a slow cooker! 

  If your in a hurry this is the perfect solution a slow cooker. I use mine alot in Florida since I never want to heat up the house in summer. 

But in winter time I like to use the stove top.  Hope you enjoy this recipe, it's one of our favorites!

 Just remember that leftovers are fabulous in a tortilla, over nacho's and even making a taco salad. Add some red pepper flakes for a little heat too!

Italian Chili Merlot

prep time: 30 minutes  cook time: total time: 2 hours


2 lbs of fresh plum tomatoes ends cut off (leave three out and cut up into cubes set aside), put rest of the  whole tomatoes through the food processor until smooth.
2  fresh garlic cloves cleaned and minced 
1 bell pepper sliced thin
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1/2 cup of Red Wine I prefer Merlot
1 medium size can  of kidney beans drained and washed
1 medium size can of northern white beans
2 sprigs of fresh Italian parsley
1/2 teaspoon each of garlic powder, oregano, basil and (optional mint leaves if using lamb)
salt, pepper to taste
In a large heated saucepan,  or cook after browned in a slow cooker)
 2 tablespoons olive oil
 1 to 1-1/2  pounds of ground beef or ground lamb
Optional: red pepper flakes for heat, shredded mozzarella, sliced black olives, garlic croutons


    Saute meat first on stove top ( if using slow cooker too ) with garlic. After pink is all gone, drain out all the oil from pan.
    Add beans and stir in tomatoes that are blended with wine and all other ingredients to includes spices, cook on low burner for around 1 hour, 6 to 8 in slow cooker. Serve with garlic croutons or crusty  garlic bread and shredded mozzarella cheese on top.
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      Anna A. said...

      Loving this lamb chili! WOW!

      alison said...

      sounds and looks so scrumptious!

      Big Dude said...

      That looks sooo good.

      Rosemary said...

      I'm a big lamb fan, and when I find it in the store I grab it. I'll add this to my lamb list.

      5 Star Foodie said...

      This chili sounds amazing! I love that you use lamb and Burgundy wine here, wonderful flavors!

      Cajun Chef Ryan said...


      I love lamb but have never made chili with it, this really looks great!

      Claudia said...

      Nice! I love good plum tomatoes. So fun to make it Italian style - and this even works for my winter cooking! Hearty and filled with flavor.

      Emily Malloy said...

      This is GORGEOUS!!!!!

      Swathi said...

      This lamb chili looks awesome.

      zerrin said...

      As a big fan of lamb, I must try this succulent dish.

      Peggy said...

      This chili definitely has wow-factor! Love it! Perfect winter comfort meal for sure!

      Drick said...

      this is a different chili from what I am usually eating, I mean, its an Italian version... I love it, with the wine, seasonings and lamb, sounds so good

      redkathy said...

      Tomatoes for .99lb What a steal! The photo is absolutely gorgeous Claudia. So much so, I can taste that chili down here!!

      Magic of Spice said...

      Those tomatoes do look gorgeous, and 99 cents a pound wow! Your chili recipe is delicious...I would have to do a no meat version for me, but my family would be all over this one :)

      Magic of Spice said...

      Those tomatoes do look gorgeous, and 99 cents a pound wow! Your chili recipe is delicious...I would have to do a no meat version for me, but my family would be all over this one :)

      Reeni said...

      What a fancy recipe for chili with the lamb and wine! Incredibly delicious and comforting!

      Stephanie said...

      So many great flavors in this dish. I've never used lamb in chili but I imagine it would be wonderful. Great idea!

      Liz Berg said...

      I made a big batch of chili last night---now I wish I would have added some Merlot! Great idea!

      Thanks for commenting on Whats Cookin website come back soon!