Crockpot Guinness Corned beef

Sunday, April 10, 2016
 Slow cooked corned beef with guinness beer is one of the most flavorful ways to cook this meat fork tender! I just love making it in the crockpot! It so tender you can cut it with a fork!

I love it so much, I really wonder why I wait once a year to have this fine tasty cornedbeef! I really love it like this. I should make it more often. As many ways as I have tried to cook this cut of meat, I always go back to cooking it in the crockpot / slow cooker.

Crockpot Guinness Cornedbeef

Crockpot Guinness Cornedbeef

Crockpot Guinness Cornedbeef

cabbage, potatoes and carrots

Either way you cook this it must be slow cooked and on low heat, if you want it fork tender. In my experiences the best results will come from making sure the meat is slow cooked.

This was fork tender, melt in your mouth corned beef is just delicious. It has a hint of sweetness and a whole lot of flavor! I also recommend cooking the vegetables separately and add them at the end. Just boil them add olive oil, granulated garlic to taste, salt, pepper and some butter around 2 tablespoons toss while hot! I used cabbage, carrots and tiny white potatoes. If you are baking it in the oven then everything can go in the oven together.

In the slow cooker, sometimes the vegetables don't come out as tender as I like, that's why I boil them separately or bake them in a large baking sheet with just butter, salt and pepper.  Slow cooker or on top of stove, everything usually goes in the pot. You can decide how you want to cook yours. I love cabbage, carrots and potatoes with just butter and not all the grease that comes off the meat even though that's tasty!

Just to be clear, Cornedbeef  with cabbage potatoes and carrots can all go in the crockpot/ slow cooker, or on top of stove in a dutch oven, baked or pressure cooked,  with the seasoning packet and any other spices you prefer, that is the original authentic recipe, all in one pot.

Crockpot Guinness Cornedbeef

I just make mine without adding the vegetables. I have even made the vegetables the day before, go to work and come home to the corned beef all done in the slow cooker ready to serve!

Slow cooked corned beef with guinness beer

Crockpot Guinness Cornedbeef

Slow Cooker Corned Beef with Guinness Beer


1- 4 pound or larger corned beef brisket and seasoning packet
2/3 cup brown sugar ( I have used less before depending how big the roast is, use 1/4 cup for less than a  4 pound beef)
1 bottle stout beer Irish beer 12 ounce bottle

Optional: 1 head of cabbage cut up,1 cup finger carrots and 4 potatoes cut in cubes

Place beef in the slow cooker, rub with the sugar then pour the beer on top. If using vegetables add on top of the meat. 

Cook on low 6 to 8 hours or on high 4 to 6 hours. Make sure you test this with a fork that it pulls apart easy and is tender.

Note:  You can also add carrots, cabbage cut up and potatoes if you like (you can even pre boil them if you like ahead of time and cook separately).

Great served with mashed potatoes and steamed cabbage and for leftover meat make   Reuben sandwiches with the leftovers.

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  1. We are going to a Saint Patrick's day party and I am bringing a main dish. I might have to try this.

  2. I used to love cooking corned beef but my hubby would have to eat the entire thing himself now. As for the cabbage, I could do a great job on that. I just LOVE cabbage.
    Great dish!
    Like the new updated header to the blog. Looks nice.

  3. you are so right - and I do love corned beef even if it is an American iconic food made for St. Pat's .... and I do love the ease of your recipe, now all I need is a little time and a good loaf of rye...

  4. Sounds like a winner. We always cook ours in the crockpot and make a big one so we'll have extra for Reubans.

  5. Yum! I have to cook corn beef at this time every year. Love the new banner!

  6. I love being Italian but it is so much fun to switch gears on March 17th. The recipe is perfect!

  7. A great dish, Claudia!! Corned Beef and Guinness…sounds fabulous!

  8. Great recipe, Claudia!! Corned Beef and Guinness sounds fabulous!

  9. Oh my! The sounds so good! Love your Guinness recipes...

  10. I found your recipe pinned on Pinterest and decided that because of it's ease I would give it a try. i've always used the crockpot to cook mine, but never in Guiness. My house smells amazing right now, can't wait to eat tonight. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  11. @nfaband GREAT so glad you tried it.. can't get enough it's really an awesome recipe lets us know what you think! Hugs thanks for the visit and comment!

  12. I love the idea of making corned beef in the slow cooker! I hope to try it soon!!! xo

  13. What a stupendous recipe, Claudia! And, that photo of the pot w/the vegetables!! Man, I could just jump in and eat it!! You are such an amazing cook!! xo

  14. Sounds good, love how tender it becomes.

  15. My mouth is watering just thinking about how wonderful the house would smell after this had been cooking for a while... What a perfect dinner!


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