Two Ingredient Coconut Rice

Friday, April 15, 2016
 I love coconut rice! This is the easiest two ingredient rice you will ever make!
 If you love rice then you will love how perfect this  Two Ingredient Coconut Rice comes out perfect every time!

 Two Ingredient Coconut Rice Recipe

The possibilities are endless what will go great with this coconut rice. I just love it with any dish. Pineapple chicken goes great with this rice. I could eat it plain or with a sauce poured over the top from an Asian dish I will make like broccoli chicken dish. If you love rice this is a little sweeter than just the plain steamed or boiled rice. It gives it such a nice creamy flavor.

There is nothing at all to making this. It's so easy. The first time I made it my husband loved it so much I make just this kind for a side dish now. You really don't taste much of the coconut, it just gives it a hint of sweetness.

 Two Ingredient Coconut Rice Recipe

 Two Ingredient Coconut Rice Recipe

Use all unsweetened Coconut milk or you can use half water and half coconut milk (1 can)
Rice any kind

Using a rice cooker follow the instructions using coconut milk for whatever water content is instructed or half coconut milk and half water. Add the rice to instructions of  rice cooker. Usually (it's two cups of  liquid) milk or water and 3/4 cup rice but check for cooking instructions with your rice cooker. This makes enough rice for two people or more.


For regular cooking use 2 cups Jasmine rice or any kind you like.
1 cup (can) unsweetened coconut milk
1 1//2 cup water
dash salt
dash sugar

Rinse and drain rice.  Place in saucepan, rice, milk and water.  Bring to boil add salt. Cook for around 15 minutes with a lid with the lowest possible heat until water is reduced then fluff rice with  a fork. This makes alot of rice.


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