Open Faced Reuben Appetizer

Sunday, March 17, 2013
Open face Reuben appetizers are perfect for St. Patrick's Day!
We are huge Reuben fans, love them any time of year somehow they do taste better when we celebrate and eat them on St.. Patrick's Day. It's  a darn good excuse to make them, but they are fabulous all year round! See a list of all St. Patrick's Day recipes at the end of this post.

Open Faced Reuben Appetizer

Open faced Reubens are the perfect appetizer during St. Patrick's Day. After making my Guinness Corned Beef recipe and having leftovers, these are enjoy by friends and family. I love the ease of them with such few ingredients.

Although you can buy store bought ingredients, I make the dressing, rye bread, beef from scratch. I left the recipe links below for you to try.
Then putting these together are easy! Open faced Reubens are a great way to enjoy leftovers!

Open Faced Reuben Appetizer

Open Faced Reuben Appetizer

Open Faced Corned Beef Appetizers

Open Faced Corned Beef Appetizers


Leftover  Guinness style cooked corned beef slices or store bought corned beef slices
Rye bread sliced thick( store bought or homemade click here)
Thousand Island Dressing
Bavarian Sauerkraut drained well squeeze out all the juice
Swiss cheese slices cut thick

Olive oil
Garlic powder

On a cookie sheet drizzle all over with olive oil.  Place thick slices of bread onto the oil drizzled sheet dipping these slices on both sides. Sprinkle both sides with garlic powder.
In a hot oven on bake at 400 degrees, brown on one side. These can be a little toasted or more.
Pour the dressing on each piece of  the top part of the bread,  add a fork full of kraut, then place meat on top of the kraut, last add the swiss cheese.

Broil until the cheese melts. Serve with more dressing if you like.
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  1. Hi Claudia, happy St. Patrick day.
    That's a very delicious appetizer, it look really good especially the cheesy topping.

    Have a nice weekend, regards.

  2. A fantastic appetizer! Love that you even mananaged saurkraut inbetween. Yum!

  3. Are you sure your last name isn't O'Lamascolo

  4. Love reubens of all kinds, Claudia. I'm sure this would be a crowd pleaser

  5. This sounds fabulous, Claudia!

  6. The Reuben is the best ever way to enjoy corned beef. Your sandwich looks amazing and I'd love to have a bite. I hope you have a great holiday. Blessings...Mary

  7. You guys are so festive! This is such a great way to enjoy reuben flavors.

  8. These sound wonderful! Perfect for St. Patrick's Day (or for leftovers!).


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