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Sunday, June 16, 2013
I love pie of any kind but not necessarily the mess that comes with making them especially if baked in these jars. Sure it's mouth watering to see the oozing berries or other fillings over flowing off the sides of the glass but do you really want to soak and clean them later with all that baked on mess? I don't! 

 Deconstructed pie makes cleaning easy as pie can be! No mess from baking, Why do you ask? Well you are prebaking the crust first and then cutting or breaking it up into the jars instead of baking that gooey mess and getting the glass jars all sticky and impossible to clean! This is the perfect answer to us cooks on the go who hate to clean the mess and want to take the easy way out! Watch the video for more suggestions and tips to combine many ways to create these delectable pies in a jar! You can use fresh fruits, canned pie fillings, pre made puddings or homemade. The skies the limit of your creative pie making combinations. I just love the simplicity and ease, hope you do too! Fast and easy but oh so delicious!

Try cutting out shapes from your pie dough to create a festive flair to what ever holiday is upon you

Fill with your favorite fresh fruits or pie fillings even puddings alternating with whipped cream and garnishing for a gourmet pie treat!  Are you ready to astonish your family and friends?

Depending on your favorites you will need some of the following to make your jar pies you will need imagination with these ingredient suggestions to make your perfect deconstructed pie:

1/2 pint mason jars with cover lids

Ingredients Suggestions:

Whipped cream or topping
Chocolate chips
Chocolate candy bars
Mini marshmallows
Marshmallow cream
Graham crackers crushed
Pie Crusts
Ice cream toppings
Chocolate shavings
Cooked brownies crumbled
Crushed cookie crumbs
Candy bars cut up
Lemon or lime slices


Make pie crust baked on a cookie sheet according to package instructions but flat on a cookie sheet then cut up in strips or you can use a cookie cutter. You can allso cut and  bake them in various shapes per the package instructions on the cookie sheet.

Filling suggestions make according to pudding and box instrucitons:

Cheesecake filling,  puddings chocolate, vanilla, coconut cream, lemon, key lime or any other boxed  pudding cooked to package instructions
Cookies such as oreo's shortbread, peanut butter, snickerdoodles, oatmeal, nutter butters etc.
 Garnishes: Sprinkles, ice cream toppings,  coconut,  various jams to match the fresh fruits, cinnamon and sugar mixed together, white or chocolate chips or other crushed candy bars. Add anything else you like to add that you love!

Here are the ideas and suggestions I have to make your favorite pies with some basic recipes.

Fresh fruits slices you prefer you can mix with coordinating glazes, ice cream toppings,  preserves or jams:

Raspberries or Blackberries
Orange Segments

or a combination of several above

Canned Pie fillings suggestions you can use to layer:

Key lime
Banana cream
Coconut cream
Chocolate cream

Remember you can always heat in the microwave  the filling first for a warm pie. Use the pre made cooked crust layers, warm filling layered and top with whipped cream or ice cream. Layer with whipped cream alternating with pie filling if you prefer.

Premade such as snack pack puddings or boxed cooked homemade pudding ideas below (for special treats make from scratch puddings):

Key Lime
Lemon Curd or Lime Curd
Coconut cream
Banana cream
Cookies and cream
Cheesecake mix
(some are found in the supermarket dairy cases)

Line the glass jar with strips of pie crust. Alternate with whipped cream, pudding then end with whipped  cream. 

Directions for Assembly:
Line the mason jar with strips of pie crust, cookie crumbs or graham crackers crumbs. Layer with pudding or favorite fruits,  whipped cream them repeat until the jar is full. Garnish with whipped cream, lime slices, lemon slices,  fruits, nuts, cherries, syrups, chocolate chips or sprinkles for a fun and festive pie. Coordinate if its a holiday with color doughs or colored sugars.
See video for exact instructions.

Here are some basic recipes for Mom's homemade crusts:

Homemade Crust:
2 cups of flour
1/2 teaspoons salt
2/3 cups shortening cut in the flour and salt
4 tablespoons ice water

Mix together till dough forms a ball, roll out dough to fit a pie plate. Place flat on a cookie sheet. You can cut out cookie cutter shapes to the current holiday or event or just cut into strips when cooked. Proceed with layering cooked pie crust with above suggestions for pie favorites.

Filling for Fresh Fruits:

Get creative and make a great memory!

Click links below for more ideas and homemade recipes.

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