Summer Air Fryer Recipes

Wednesday, June 15, 2022
Summer Air Fryer cooking is the perfect way to beat the summer heat.

This small appliance is such a great invention, it's fast, doesn't heat the house, and is perfect for a summer quick meal after fun in the sun all day.

We have a variety of side dishes, breakfast burritos, air-fried tacos, barbecued chicken and so much more.

Did I mention these are a healthier alternative also, and still as delicious as fried in oil used to be?

Everything is easy to make and with just a few pantry ingredients you'll be an air fryer pro at cooking with it!

Keeping a few ingredients on hand like a flour tortilla, eggs, and vegetables is a must-have for a quick breakfast treat.

Scroll down to get these delicious recipes in our roundup there is something for everyone here.

collage of air fryer recipes

Air Fryer Cauliflower Tater Tots
cauliflower tater tots

Air Fried Asparagus
air fried asparagus

Air Fried Cajun Potatoes
air fried cajun fries

Air Fried Zucchini Fries
air fried zucchini fries

Air Fried Hand Pies
air fried hand pies

Air Fried Barbecued Chicken
air fried barbecued chicken

Air Fried Chicken with Vegetables
air fried chicken and vegetables

Air Fried Breakfast Burrito and Lunch Fillings
air fried burritos

Air Fried Tacos
air fryer tacos

More Recipes To Try:

Air Fried Potato Fans

Air Fried Home Fries

Air Fried Hot Pockets

Air Fryer Italian Meatballs

Disclosure: This recipe was originally shared in 2016. It was edited and re-published in 2022.