Christmas Story Potatoes And Hot Dog

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Growing up we didn't have lots of money and meals like this were very often. Dad would get that big old fry pan out and saute potatoes and hot dogs together. The potatoes would cook a long time until crispy then he would throw in the hot dogs sliced up.

Christmas Story Potatoes And Hot Dog

He never used the colorful ones I used what I had today thinking of him when I made these.

One year in the 1960's we had a horrible blizzard on Christmas day and couldn't get out of the house there was no way to go anywhere and too dangerous to drive.

We lived on Lansing St in Utica New York. Nice to go back in time and remember some comforting moments.

The original plan was to be at my brother Lukes house for Christmas Day dinner. The menu was lasagna, ham, turkey and all the trimming and of course the big Italian meal leftover from Christmas Eve mom made she would bring.

Well my Dad just looked out the window and said since there was nothing we could do we had to stay home and he would could was we had. He always made the best fried potatoes. They were soft inside and almost tasted like a potato chip on the outside. His famous fried potatoes and hot dogs it was that blustery day. Mom had the day off from cooking and Dad did it all. We had a wonderful Holiday and made the best out of it while watching the blizzard come down through the window. That's what I miss about those days. The simple appreciated pleasures in life and life long memories made. Thanks Dad and Mom for the wonderful memories etched in my brain forever. Until we meet again.

Christmas Story Potatoes And Hot Dog

Fried Potatoes And Hot Dog Recipe

Sliced potatoes ( I used the three colors red, purple and white)
Sliced Hot dogs
Vegetable or Canola oil
Fry Pan

Add oil in the bottom of a large fry pan or one large enough to accommodate the amount you're making for the family. Heat oil on low heat Place the potatoes in when oil is heated. Cook until they crisp on the outside then around the last 30 minutes put on high heat. Add the hotdogs.
Fry until the potatoes get crispy and golden then
 until the hot dogs begin to brown.

Salt and pepper them to taste.

thanks dad


  1. Funny how those simple and low cost meals are the ones we often remember and there were several for us that are still favorites such as fried mush (polenta to you Italians). Mom would get three or four meals from a pot roast with the last one being the remaining meat, diced potatoes and onions in a broth and spooned over white bread.

  2. What a great memory for you, Claudia! Great pic of your mom and dad, they both looked very stylish! And the potatoes and hot dogs sound great, have to try it since we love both. Merry Christmas!


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