Asian Chicken Pineapple and Cauliflower

Thursday, August 10, 2017
If you love Asian style foods or have had Chicken and broccoli Asian style this one is totally amazing and over the top Asian Chicken Pineapple and Cauliflower Recipe!

Asian Chicken Pineapple and Cauliflower

A little sweetness with the pineapple, loving the green beans added to this and cauliflower. It just all comes together perfectly! 

Feel free to use broccoli if that's your preference but the cauliflower really rocks this dish! 

I really nice alternative. I also love the way the whole dish comes together with a lovely steamed rice!

I just love all in one pan meals. The sweetness in the pineapple and then over rice, make this one a family favorite.

They really love the change of pace using cauliflower. Broccoli and cauliflower can be omitted if you don't like either one and use more mushrooms, peppers or even cubed zucchini,  if you prefer.

The sauce is so delicious. I could eat this everyday and never tire of this meal.

During the summer months, this is a nice light meal. We sit outside by the pool, candle light and just enjoy the warmth. The pineapple brings you to the tropics. A fun dish to serve and eat.


Here's what I did:

Asian Chicken Pineapple and Cauliflower Recipe

1 can beef broth

3 cups steamed fresh cauliflower or broccoli

steamed green beans

1 cup fresh cut pineapple chunks

1 large bell pepper julienne cut 

3 boneless cubed chicken breasts

seasoned flour 1 cup in a zip lock bag with added

 (1 teaspoon each granulated garlic, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and dried parsley)

1/2 cup soy sauce

1 cup sliced mushrooms

1/3 cup dark brown sugar

1 tablespoon canola or sesame oil if you have it

Optional: white or brown rice cooked to package instructions ( jasmine rice is wonderful also with this dish)

 Shake chicken in seasoned flour.
Heat a frying pan with around 1/4 canola oil.

Once heated place chicken cubes in the oil and stir fry until golden brown on both side.

Add the peppers, mushrooms and pineapple.

Mix in a bowl beef broth, sugar, soy sauce, oil and garlic.

Place that sauce mixture over the chicken in the pan and toss with the beef broth mixture stirring evenly.

Cook on low cook until the chicken is fork tender when testing. Takes around 1/2 hour. Sauce will thicken add water if too thick.

In the meantime steam the beans and cauliflower.
 Cook the rice to package instructions.
Place the cooked rice in a baking dish, add the steamed vegetables to your dish then pour this sauce mixture over the top. 
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  1. This Asian chicken sounds terrific! I'd have to eat all of Bill's pineapple, but I'd be happy to make the sacrifice ;)


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