Antipasto Submarine Salad Sandwich Recipe

My son Chad said to me this past week, no one except you and I eat the antipasto salad, maybe if you make it into a sandwich the family will eat everything in it.

We love a great salad and in a this huge submarine garlic toasted bread antipasto style, all I can say it wow he was right, they all loved it.  As packed as this was with meat, lettuce and cheeses, it went in a New York second! I had to make a second one! So not only was it a great idea, it worked like a charm and everything in our normal salad is in this wonderful sangwich(that's how we say it in New York)!  Thanks Chad!

Can you tell Chad loves Italian Food!

You can put what you like in it. I love my capicola and genoa salami and it's loaded! Triple layered full of delicious Antipasto flavors!

I sliced the bread in three layers, toasted it with olive oil, garlic, grating cheese and sprinkled with oregano.

Here's what we like in it:

Sliced Mortadella ( Italian style bologna)
Genoa Salami or Hard Salami
Sliced Mozzarella
Sliced Provolone sharp or mild
Sandwich Pepperoni
Peperoncini left whole or slcied
Sliced Plum Tomatoes
Romaine Lettuce
Sliced Black Olives cured, green or calamatta
Hot Peppers or Roasted Peppers
1 Whole loaf unsliced Italian Bread
Vinegar, olive oil
salt, pepper, oregano, basil, minced garlic, grating cheese
Optional: cayenne pepper

Other sandwich options: chopped artichoke hearts, prosciutto, boiled eggs slices, sliced cucumbers, chick peas, tuna, capers, sliced mushrooms, sliced onions, anchovies

Slice the bread in 3 layers, brush each layer with olive oil, add herbs, spices and minced garlic to each top layer. Sprinkle with grating cheese. Broil each layer a few minutes until browned, watching carefully not to burn.

You can add whatever you put into your salad on here. We even made the second one with olive oil packed Tuna on it. Delicious!
After you have stacked each sliced layer with whatever you like, drizzle with vinegar, olive oil, sprinkle with basil, oregano, grating cheese and mangia!


Big Dude said...

That is one great looking sandwich Claudia and I love the ingredients - might be a little hard to get my mouth around it though.

Arlene Delloro said...

Great minds definitely think alike, Claudia. I had something very similar for lunch today. I've never met an antipasto I didn't like and neither has my family, but I'd happily eat a sandwich at every meal as well and combining two of my favorite things is bliss. Now if a chocolate brownie just "fit in."