Egg in a Hole Breakfast Recipe

I never thought I could post a photo of anything that has been named so many different ones.  When I added this one to instagram, I had many comments on how they remembered this as a kid and loved it. Toad in a hole was the most popular. Some called them eggs in a basket, another called this birdie in a nest and last I saw was a one eyed Texan. Wow, so many names for this delicious breakfast. The kids love this one. It is very easy to make and quick too. Check out the simple ingredients and instructions. Enjoy!

Egg in a Hole Breakfast Recipe

Biscuit Cutter
Salt, pepper to taste

Using your favorite bread and a biscuit cutter, make a hole in the center of the bread. (Easier to cut when the bread is frozen)

Heat the pan over medium heat with a few tablespoons of butter.

Place the bread in the pan then crack the egg into the center to fill the hole. Let the egg cook and bread crisp up on the bottom. 

Salt and pepper the egg, the flip it over for a few seconds till egg is set.

I also place the cut out circles of bread in the pan and toast it in the butter. Serve with your favorite meats,  breakfast potatoes or just by itself.

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Pam said...

Any name works for me, but we called them eggs in a basket. Delicious for sure!