Egg in a Hole Breakfast Recipe

Monday, August 15, 2016

This Egg in the hole has become the favorite in our homes. Come see this delicious breakfast treat!
I never thought this post of this photo had so many different titles.

When I added this one to instagram, I had so many comments on how they remembered this as a kid and loved . However as they were growing up it was something different.
I took a poll on the names their family called this dish over the years. "Toad in a hole" was the most popular. Some called them "Eggs in a basket", another called this "Birdie in a nest" and last I saw was a "One eyed Texan".
That was just to name the top ones!
Wow, so many names for one delicious breakfast!
The kids love this one. It is very easy to make and quick too. Check out the simple ingredients and instructions. Enjoy!




Biscuit Cutter

Salt, pepper to taste

Using your favorite soft breads and a biscuit cutter, make a hole in the center. ( It's actually easier to cut while the bread is still a little frozen)
Heat the pan over medium heat with a few tablespoons of butter or other preferred oil sprays.
Place the cut bread in the pan, crack the egg, add to the center. Cook until you see the bottom of the bread start to toast then flip
Salt and pepper . Cook until the egg is set to the way you like them.
I also place the cut circles and toast them in the pan. A great side dish with this would be bacon, ham and breakfast potatoes.


  1. Any name works for me, but we called them eggs in a basket. Delicious for sure!

  2. I grew up with these on the menu for many weekend breakfasts! Thanks for the yummy memories, Claudia! xo


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